A Different Way to Pick Your Powerball Numbers

Two weeks after a lucky Pennsylvania resident won the $292 jackpot, the Powerball lottery is back on the rise again! Standing at $70 million this Wednesday, March 16, the Powerball jackpot is once again the biggest in the world! This week, in celebration of Pi Day, we’ll excuse you from the difficult task of choosing your set of Powerball numbers and for once hand them to you! How? We’ll explain things below! For now, the only thing you have to worry about, is buying your US Powerball lotto tickets in time for the upcoming draw!

Pi Day – a Little Inspiration for Your Powerball Numbers

March 14 marks Pi Day, March 16 marks the next US Powerball draw in which a $70 million jackpot awaitsMarch 14 marks Pi Day, or ‘Math Day’ in many parts of the world, due to the American date – 3.14 – which represents the first 3 digits of the number pi. Coincidentally, it is also Albert Einstein’s birthday. OK, that’s enough trivia for one article. Now, what exactly is pi? It’s a number used to calculate the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. And, you may ask by now, why exactly is this important? Because we’re going to choose this week’s numbers based on this magical and endless number.

We are willing to bet that outside of the classroom or the lab, pi is not used very often. When is the last time you tried to calculate a circle’s circumference? Still, potentially pi can be used for wonderful things, like choosing lottery numbers! Here’s how we see it: the first 11 digits of pi are: 3.1415926535. Based on these digits, and keeping them in the same order, your winning numbers this week could be 31-41-59-26-53 and Powerball 5. Obviously, this is not the only combination of numbers you can take from the number pi. Be creative. If you struggle with your number selectionon a regular basis, this is a fun way to step outside the box a little. And who knows, it may be your lucky guess set!

Pi Day has been quite successful in Powerball history, as one New York ticket holder won $136 million on 2015 Pi Day. In 2010 a ticket holder from New Jersey won $211.7 million just one day ahead of Pi Day, much like an Indiana ticket holder who won a jackpot worth $89 million in 2004. In 2008, West Virginia welcomed its $276.3 million winner, who had won just one day after the 14th of March.

Powerball Results Can Appear Dull at Times – but Don’t be Fooled!

Saturday’s draw proved uneventful, as no jackpot or second prize winners were announced. Winning numbers were 11-28-50-57-62 and Powerball 23. All in all, the draw included 529,016 winners who cashed in more than $3.6 million in prizes! Right, not so dull after all!

You have everything you need to win big this week. Get your Powerball ticket today and immortalize yourself as a Powerball winner tomorrow! Click here to play Powerball – good luck!

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