“Powerball, Amazing Powerball – Make Our Debts Disappear!”

The already amazing Powerball jackpot rolled over once again over the past weekend. This time it resulted in an astounding $422 million jackpot! This is the eighth largest jackpot in Powerball history and the world’s eleventh largest jackpot ever! The ticket buying frenzy has really begun. Ticket sales are already up and at this point in the race, there’s always the possibility that the jackpot will “jump” before the next drawing. When the jackpot jumps, it increases in between drawings based on elevated ticket sales.

$422 Million in Debt?

Amazing Powerball jackpot up for grabsPuerto Rico’s governor on Sunday declared a moratorium on a $422 million debt payment due Monday by the island’s Government Development Bank. This is the most significant default yet for the U.S. territory facing a massive economic crisis. If the Governor of Puerto Rico plays the Powerball this Wednesday he might just be able to pay off that debt after all. Wednesday could be his lucky day, but he surely isn’t the only one in need of an amazing Powerball jackpot to pay off debts!

$422 Million Amazing Powerball Jackpot in Perspective

No one person could be in debt for that much money, but it kind of puts the enormity of the jackpot into perspective. It is possible, however for just one person to walk away with the whole jackpot. There was one person who walked off with a $540 million Mega Millions jackpot just a few weeks ago. That was deemed the highest cash value jackpot for one ticket and the winner has yet to come forward.

Change Your Routine

The average player of the Powerball lottery doesn’t get disappointed when the jackpot rolls over, because a rollover gives him yet another chance at an ever higher prize amount. Maybe he won’t change a thing about the way he plays. Perhaps he’ll play different numbers next time, perhaps he’ll buy more tickets, or perhaps he’ll purchase the Powerball tickets online, or play with a syndicate to increase his odds of winning. With syndicates you can buy more tickets for a fraction of the cost and increase your chances of winning.

Get in the Game, for Fortune (and a bit of fame)

Any way you slice it, $422 million is a lot of dough and it’s definitely worth a few dollars to be in the game. It is sure to provide a bit of good ol’ lottery excitement while having a go at becoming super-wealthy. Don’t miss your opportunity to buy tickets before the drawing on Wednesday!

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