Billion-Dollar Powerball Winners Sued by Ex-Con

Great fortune can sometimes be a source of great misfortune. Lottery winners often attract negative attention after their wins are publicised; the bigger the prize, the crazier the stories seem to get. The Robinsons, who were the first people to claim a share of the world record $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot last month, are learning this the hard way.

A prisoner named Riches has billion-dollar Powerball dreams

Many people try to take advantage of you when you've won a big share of a $1.6 billion US Powerball jackpot prizeIt definitely is not uncommon for jackpot winners to get sued by family members, colleagues, and former lovers and friends after their lottery cheques are cashed. Oftentimes there is a dispute regarding ticket ownership and past debts to resolve. It’s not pretty, but suits like these are to be expected. What is not expected is getting sued by an ex-convict you’ve never personally met! But the billion-dollar Powerball prize that John and Lisa Robinson won on 13 January was no ordinary jackpot, so why should the aftermath be anything but extraordinary?

This week reports came out that a former prisoner by the name of Jonathan Lee Riches — yes, his last name is Riches — filed a lawsuit against the Robinsons on 25 January. The suit claims that Tiffany Robinson, John and Lisa’s daughter, wrote letters to him while he was in federal prison and that he gave her $20 from his prison fund account to buy Powerball tickets. The handwritten lawsuit also claims that when he gave Tiffany the money, they made plans to leave America and go live on a remote island “full of milk and honey” if they won the jackpot. After the family won, Riches further claims that Tiffany changed her phone number and defriended him on Facebook. For the depression caused by act, Riches is demanding half of the Robinsons’ Powerball share. The Robinsons split the $1.6 million prize with two other winning tickets for a total prize of $528.8 million each prior to taxes withheld.

Could this weird prison drama get any better? Oh yes! Jonathan Lee Riches also goes by the name Jihadi Schitz and is notorious for filing ridiculous lawsuits against famous people. He has sued Anne Hathaway for not visiting him in prison, along with Danny DeVito, Terrell Owens, and Slobodan Milosevic. Riches has even sued the Guinness Book of World Records for failing to recognise him as filing the most lawsuits “in the history of mankind.” Something tells us that the lawsuit against John and Lisa Robinson will be dropped fairly soon.

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