A First Class Ticket to a New Life!

The US Powerball has already risen rapidly from its starting jackpot of $40 million to reach $79 million and lottery players the word over are starting to tune in once again to Powerball. While Mega Millions is still the lottery in the lime light with its $134 million jackpot Powerball is never far behind. If you are lucky enough to win the Powerball it is reasonable to assume that some travelling might be in your future. If that is the case, you might be in the market for some first class accommodations!

There’s First Class and Then There’s First Class!

Eithad is the flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates and boasts the world’s most expensive and luxurious first class ticket on its London to Melbourne route. $80,000 for a roundtrip ticket!

But, with a Powerball jackpot in the bank, what’s $80,000 for a plane ticket? Especially when your trading up form a cramped seat to a 120 square foot, three room suite, nicknamed ‘The Residence,’ on an Airbus A380 with your own butler, nanny, and chef.

The living room features a 32 inch flat screen LCD TV, fold away dining tables, as well as a leather double sofa. The bedroom features a double flat bed and the bathroom is a full bathroom with shower so that guests can arrive fresh and refreshed to their destination.

The pampering actually starts before and ends after the flight. Guests are transported to and from the airport, have their own private, VIP check in and security screening, as well as a private VIP lounge in which to wait. Boarding is also priority, to say the least.

Live the Dream

If all of this sounds incredible that’s because it is! And the life of a Powerball winner can be just as first class on terra firma as it is in the air! If you want to live the life that most simply dream of it’s possible, but first you need to give yourself an opportunity to win. Play US Powerball now to take a chance at a life-changing prize and a way to make your dreams come true.

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