Get Ready for Powerball March Madness 2016

The Super Bowl is over and done with in the US. Now it’s time for college basketball March Madness mania! March Madness is a single-elimination tournament that decides which team is the NCAA Division I college basketball champion. Last year, Duke took the main prize but it’s any team’s game this year. We here at love the excitement of single-elimination tournaments so we decided to make our own March Madness, pitting Powerball against some fierce lottery competition. Who will come out on top?

US Powerball vs EuroJackpot

March Madness - US Powerball versus EuroJackpotEuroJackpot is Europe’s newest lottery sensation. The transnational game started in 2012 and has since enchanted millions of Europeans from Spain to Estonia. EuroJackpot draws are held every Friday from Helsinki, Finland and jackpots start at €10 million. Unlike US Powerball, EuroJackpot has a jackpot limit which means that it can only rollover up to €90 million. When the jackpot reaches the limit, any rollover money flows to the second prize. On 15 May 2015, a Czech ticket holder won the first €90 million EuroJackpot prize. The three second place winners benefited from the rollover cap and took home €7 million each! So how does it stack up against Powerball? We’re sorry, but it doesn’t even come close. The most amazing thing about EuroJackpot is that all prizes are paid TAX-FREE. Other than that, Powerball beats it by a million miles in terms of number of draws, jackpot prize amounts, and excitement level. Round 1 Winner: Powerball

US Powerball vs EuroMillions

March Madness - US Powerball versus EuroMillionsTime for round two and Europe’s second opportunity to take down an American lottery giant. EuroMillions is the Continent’s #1 lottery game and it brings a lot to the plate. Draws for this transnational game take place twice a week — Tuesdays and Fridays — from Paris, the city of love and lottery luck. Like EuroJackpot, EuroMillions has a jackpot limit, but it’s significantly higher at €190 million. About three times a year, the lottery also holds a EuroMillions Superdraw featuring a minimum jackpot of €100 million despite the previous draw’s jackpot amount. There are also three ways to play! The regular EuroMillions, EuroMillions UK and EuroMillions France. Both EuroMillions UK and France hold millionaire raffles each draw and special events of their own. In terms of excitement and prizes, EuroMillions beats EuroJackpot hands down, but it just can’t touch Powerball. While EuroMillions jackpots start at a mere €15 million, Powerball’s lowest jackpot allowed is $40 million and after that, the sky’s the limit. Lesson learned — it’s hard to beat a no-limit jackpot. Round 2 Winner: Powerball

US Powerball vs Mega Millions – our March Madness prediction

March Madness - US Powerball versus US Mega MillionsNow it’s time for the big leagues! Mega Millions, America’s other multi-state lottery, set a world record in 2012 with a $656 million jackpot. For four years it wore the crown, but US Powerball utterly smashed its record to bits this year on 13 January. After an intense rollover streak, Powerball became the world’s first lottery to offer a billion-dollar jackpot. The whole world had Powerball fever with millions lining up to buy tickets in the States and online. On 13 January, three tickets matched the winning numbers for a total prize of $1.6 billion! In all fairness, Mega Millions and Powerball are incredibly similar: both have no-limit jackpots with a history of awe-inspiring amounts, each has two weekly draws, and both have an optional multiplier add-on (Powerball Power Play and Mega Millions Megaplier) which multiplies any secondary prize you win. However, we have to declare a winner and we’re still reeling from that billionaire rollover run. Round 3 Winner: Powerball

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