Have Yourself a Powerball New Year!

While we are really too busy with the preparations of tonight’s New Year’s celebration, we understand that it is our formal duty to keep the many fans of the US Powerball lottery up to date on what’s happening with the world’s biggest jackpot today. Well, here you go: the jackpot rolled over again last night, which means we won’t add another name to the list of Powerball winners of 2015. Instead the jackpot will count for 2016, even if it falls in the next draw on January 2nd – next Saturday. Are you ready for a Powerball New Year? Then make sure to take your chance to win $334 million in the first week of 2016!

Drooling is for dogs

Don't drool over the us powerball jackpot - Play NOW!If your mouth starts watering from the sheer vastness of the current US Powerball jackpot, then we can really only give you once advice: give in to your desire to buy a ticket and play, because getting your drool all over the house, car or wherever you don’t want it to be is not an option! Remember: drool is only two letters away from cool – but also from fool! So let your dog drool over a nice New Year’s treat, but let that be it as far as drooling goes. Give into your urges to take a shot at this amazing jackpot – a $334 million Powerball prize doesn’t come around every month.

Double Countdown!

So, dear Powerball fans and loyal us-powerball.com visitors, we’re not just counting down the hours until we leave 2015 behind, the main countdown is the one counting down the hours until the next US Powerball draw, scheduled for Saturday 2 January! You’d be wise to follow suit and count down with us, with your Powerball tickets in (virtual) sight!

Best wishes to you all for 2016, be safe, and mostof all: bucketloads of good luck in the first Powerball drawing of 2016! Have yourself a Powerball New Year!

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