How to play US Powerball

The American Powerball lottery is one of America’s biggest lottery games. Powerball draws take place on Wednesday nights and Saturday nights. Odds for Winning a prize in one of nine prize categories Powerball offers start at 1:24, and players are entitled to a prize by matching no more than the additional Powerball number! You read it right: you don’t even have to guess one of the five regular numbers correctly to win! Matching between one and five regular numbers, whether or not combined with the correct additional Powerball number, will qualify you for other prize categories. Matching five regular numbers and the Powerball will make you the glorious winner of the Powerball jackpot!
Pay attention: if you do not match the Powerball number, you need at least three correct numbers to win.
To read more about the different prize categories and their winning odds, please check the Prizes section.

Choosing Powerball Numbers

To play Powerball you of course need to select numbers. There’s a lot of information about selecting Powerball numbers that could be winners that you might want to brush up on. However you choose to select your numbers the fact remains that you must select numbers to play Powerball. Players must select five main numbers from 1-69 as well as an additional number, the Powerball, from 1-12.

The Power Play Multiplier feature

A ‘How to Play’ section is not complete without an explanation of the potentially very profitable Power Play feature. What exactly does this option do? When playing the US Powerball lottery, you have the option to add the Power Play feature to your ticket, by checking the appropriate checkbox. With Power Play, players multiply secondary prizes up to five times! The Power Play feature is not applicable to ‘Match 5’ prizes (jackpot & second place prize), but all other secondary prizes will be doubled by the Power Play multiplier, at the very least! Up to the Powerball draw of January 18th 2014, the Power Play was a fixed multiplier, meaning that every secondary prize category had its own multiplying number, ranging from 2 to 4. Starting January 22nd 2014, the Power Play is a flexible multiplier, drawn in every Powerball draw along with the regular lottery numbers and the Powerball number. This Power Play number now ranges from 2 to 5 – yes, your $10,000 third prize can change into a fantastic $50,000 prize with the Power Play multiplier! The drawn Power Play number does obviously not apply to the jackpot. It also does not apply to the $1 million second place prize, however, that prize will still be doubled to a fixed $2 million by the Power Play!

Playing Powerball Online

To play online, you need to set up a FREE account at a lottery concierge service, which means that you don’t need to be an American citizen or physically be on American soil to purchase a Powerball ticket. Registering an account is a fairly straightforward process that will take nor more than a few minutes. After completing registration you are ready to start playing Powerball online, but you will need to add funds to your account to be able to purchase online tickets. Funding your account is a simple step-by-step procedure that takes place in your account, in a secure online environment. In your account, you have the option to set notifications via e-mail and SMS that will notify you about wins, jackpot sizes, and more.
The lottery concierge service accepts several payment methods, including but not limited to debit and credit cards, Neteller and Moneybookers, to make purchasing Powerball tickets as convenient as possible for online players. Now, you’re ready to start playing. Proceed to the ‘Play Powerball’ page by clicking the ‘Play Online’ link after selecting the US Powerball link from the list of available lotteries. Playing online is exactly like playing with a paper entry, except you’re using a mouse instead of a pencil! The Powerball Play page tells you exactly when the next draw will happen as well as the estimated jackpot amount you will be playing for.

Other Things to Know About Powerball

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