US Powerball Jackpot Keeps Going Up and Up

The jackpot in the upcoming Powerball lottery draw is an amazing $310 million. The Powerball is, by far, the biggest jackpot anywhere in the world today. The Powerball jackpot keeps going up and up. Up and up. It sounds as if the hit song “Up & Up” by popular English rock band Coldplay was written with the jackpot in mind.

Up and up. The lyrics to Coldplay’s song suggest a desire to improve one’s life, to keep going no matter how distant your goals seem to be. “Fixing up a car to drive in it again / searching for the water hoping for the rain” in one verse. And in another: “Lying in the gutter, aiming for the moon / trying to empty out the ocean with a spoon“.

Up and up. The refrain of the song tells you to stay positive, to keep going. “We’re going to get it get it together right now going to get it get it together somehow / going to get it get it together and flower“.

jackpot keeps going up

Jackpot Keeps Going Up and Up

The Powerball starts out with a guaranteed $40 million jackpot prize and if there are no winners of the top prize, it grows with each rollover. The more rollovers, the higher the prize. The higher the prize, the more tickets get sold.

Since there are such huge jackpots on offer in the Powerball, the message for lottery players is clear. Keep playing. Be persistent. Never give up. Keep chasing your dream. Furthermore, this is true for all lotteries.

Consider the example of Rosemary Loveland, the Idaho woman who played the same numbers in weekly draws since 1989. Her persistence paid off when she won a $390,000 Idaho Lottery jackpot in September 2016.

Another story is that of cancer survivor Olga Beno from Nova Scotia. Lottery numbers came to her in a dream in 1989 and she has played them ever since. As a result, in December she won a CA$5.7 million jackpot playing Lotto 649.

These lucky players, and many others, just kept playing. They never gave up their hopes and dreams of one day winning the lottery. As the Coldplay song concludes in its last verses: don’t ever give up / don’t ever give up.

In conclusion, don’t sit back and watch as the Powerball jackpot keeps going up and up. Because the jackpot could fall in the upcoming draw, you need to be part of the action. Purchase your Powerball tickets now!

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