$156 Million Jackpot Is No Laughing Matter

If you play Powerball and win its $156 million jackpot, it’s no laughing matter! That incredible jackpot, while not Powerball’s biggest, would still be a life-changer.

No one won the Powerball jackpot in its latest draw. The popular American lottery now offers a $156 million jackpot. That might seem small in comparison to some of the Powerball jackpots won in recent years. Even so, Powerball boasts the largest lottery jackpot in the world today. The top prize could be yours if you purchase Powerball tickets online in time for the next draw.

Powerball has been rolling over ever since its jackpot was last won on September 16th, 2017. In that draw, one very lucky player from Colorado claimed a prize of $133,200,000. That was the largest Powerball prize ever won in Colorado!

Powerball’s current jackpot of $156 million is one tenth the size of Powerball’s world record $1.58 billion. Powerball awarded that prize to three lucky ticket holders after a momentous draw in January 2016. More recently, Powerball set another world record when its $758.7 million jackpot was won by a single ticket holder – a woman from Massachusetts – in August 2017.

Perhaps the current jackpot will keep rolling over and within a short time, it will set a new world record. That’s what makes playing the Powerball lottery so exciting.

Winning $156 million is no laughing matter.

Winning $156 Million Is No Laughing Matter!

Powerball’s current jackpot of $156 million is far from being one of the lottery’s biggest jackpots. A jackpot of that size falls short of making the list of 10 biggest Powerball jackpots of all time. The jackpot doesn’t even make the list of top 35 lottery jackpots ever awarded. Even so, winning the Powerball jackpot, or one of its secondary prizes, is no laughing matter. Imagine what you could do if you won $156 million!

The $156 million prize amount is quite familiar to anyone following Powerball news. It was just a few months ago that a Wisconsin resident won a $156 million Powerball jackpot. She matched the five main numbers and the additional Powerball number to win the draw on March 22nd, 2017. According to media reports, Mai Xiong, a woman who lives in Milwaukee, took the cash option and received a $93 million prize, before the deduction of taxes.

“She is very grateful to the state of Wisconsin and its lottery program for the opportunity this prize has afforded her family,” Wisconsin Lottery officials stated. Besides the publication of her name, the winner of the $156 million Powerball jackpot declined media interviews and asked the public to respect her privacy.

Winning the Powerball’s $156 million jackpot is no laughing matter! But the only way this could happen is if you buy Powerball tickets online in time for the next draw. Good luck!


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