Ins & outs of lottery systems

The science behind the numbers

For lottery players who want to dig deeper into the world of numbers, odds, patterns and systems regarding lottery draws, a large collection of lottery systems and number methods is available online. Some of those systems seem to actually work, while others are really, really bad. There is no guarantee that a system you find useful because it has worked for you in the past, will also work for others. But we certainly do understand that for some of you, it is fun and exciting to try and find a system behind the US Powerball numbers drawn. For those players, we put a list together of sites and links that we think could potentially be useful for you as a source of inspiration.

  • Lottery wheeling (WikiPedia site about lottery systems, explaining how it works in a comprehensible way)
  • Lottery systems reviews (a site reviewing many lottery systems, most of which are more or less proven to not be working very well, or not at all. But there are some systems listed there that get props, for what it is worth)
  • ‘The Lotto Guy’ lottery system website (a lottery system that gets many positive reviews online)

Remember, there is no system that can guarantee or promise you’ll win the US Powerball jackpot. Use the links above as inspiration and source of creativity in deciding what lucky numbers to pick. Best of luck to you when playing the US Powerball!

Lottery systems at work – videos

Use the videos below as a source of inspiration in your search for a perfect lottery system that will enable you to win the US Powerball Lottery – not as a proven winning system!

(a video about the ‘science’ of numerology)

(this video offers help to people wanting to win the lottery)