Mental Note: Play Powerball Tonight!

It is Wednesday today, and for lottery lovers this means one thing, and one thing only: a US Powerball draw will happen today! And not just any draw either! A more than phenomenal $222 million jackpot is at stake in today’s draw, which provides any true lottery fan with more than enough reason to play Powerball tonight! The question is: do you have your US Powerball tickets yet?

No EURO Footie Tonight

Play Powerball tonight!If you, besides being a US Powerball adept, happen to be an avid football fan, it is very convenient that tonight will be football free. Since the EURO tournament in France has progressed to the quarter final stage, the schedule leaves some breathing room. Or better yet: time to play US Powerball! You can give the upcoming draw the attention a $222 million jackpot deserves, and tomorrow you can pick up the EURO tournament again, when the first quarter final, the ‘P match’, between Poland and Portugal takes place. If you didn’t buy your Powerball tickets yet, you can fully concentrate on picking the right numbers and deciding about the best way to play. Make sure you use that time well!

In What Ways Can I Play Powerball Tonight?

There are quite a few ways to play Powerball online. Obviously, you can buy a single individual ticket, with which you play in one draw only. If you want to raise your winning potential, you can decide to join a Powerball lottery syndicate. If you decide to participate in a Powerball syndicate of 500 lines, your winning odds will be 500 times bigger compared to when you play with a single ticket! You also have the option to combine the two aforementioned methods by opting for a Powerball lottery bundle. If you purchase a bundle, you play with an individual ticket but you also participate in one or more syndicates. For maximum winning potential, obviously!

Choose wise… and win! Good luck!

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