The Next Billion-Dollar Powerball Jackpot?

We are in the midst of another major rollover streak — two months long! The Powerball jackpot was last won on 2 March, when James Stocklas took home $291.4 million whilst on holiday in Florida. Winning tickets have taken a vacation ever since and the jackpot is now an exciting $282 million! The question on everyone’s mind here at is: are we on the way to a second billion-dollar Powerball jackpot?

A year of big jackpots and rollovers continue

Are we in for the next billion-dollar powerball jackpot?Basically the big story here is that there is no story. Powerball has been incredibly quiet since March, but excitement might be on the horizon, judging by the past six months’ winning patterns. Like we said, it’s been two months since the last jackpot was won. And there were nearly two months between that win and the billion-dollar Powerball jackpot win on 13 January.

You might think that if it took eight weeks to rise to the current $282 million jackpot, then the billion-dollar Powerball jackpot must have taken months and months. That makes sense, but it’s incorrect. A $144.1 million jackpot was won on 4 November 2015, so the $1.6 billion jackpot came about after just 10 weeks of rollovers! Once the jackpot goes past $300 million, people seem to go wild and a ticket-buying frenzy begins. Thus increased ticket sales drive up the rollover amounts almost exponentially.

Therefore, we don’t think it’s premature to contemplate about the next billion-dollar Powerball jackpot when the current jackpot is $282 million. If the jackpot rolls over again today, Wednesday 27 April, then Powerball will certainly see an increase in media attention and ticket sales. Presumably, we’ll see the same massive rollovers we saw in the beginning of January when it jumped from $355.8 million on 2 January to $524.1 million on 6 January to an unbelievable $949.8 million on 9 January. Within one rollover, we saw the jackpot amount increase by $425.7 million, nearly doubling its previous amount! Finally it rose from $949.8 million to the record-breaking $1.58 billion prize on 13 January, where it was split by three winning tickets.

So, we ask again: are we just a few draws away from the next billion-dollar Powerball jackpot of 2016? And the more prescient question to you: will you be the next Powerball billionaire? If that is on your bucket list, then remember to buy Powerball lottery tickets online, because no matter where you are in the world, the US Powerball jackpot is calling your name!

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