Play Powerball Online You Must

Don’t worry: No Star Wars spoilers in this entry, just good clean Powerball fun – exactly what you’ll get when you play Powerball online!

After weeks and weeks of rollovers, US Powerball is featuring an out of this world jackpot. Get your tickets for the chance to win $227 million this Wednesday. With top notch lottery apps, you can even play while waiting in line to see Star Wars! Popcorn – check, fizzy drink – check, US Powerball ticket – check!

US Powerball jackpot awakens

Would the force be able to help Yoda win Powerball online?Disney and J.J. Abrams are gearing up to announce record-breaking worldwide box office sales for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Primarily reports suggest figures to be well over $250 million and growing. It’ll be awhile before Disney recuperates the $4 billion they paid for the rights to the Star Wars franchise, but, in the meantime, they’ll be seeing dollar amounts roll in that would make Jabba the Hutt take notice. They’re far from the only game in town, however. True, no other movie can touch their success right now, but US Powerball is stepping up to the plate with a $227 million jackpot. With close to a quarter-billion in prize money to win, now is the time to awaken the Force within you and get a Powerball ticket.

Play Powerball online from a galaxy far, far away

Play Powerball online from a galaxy far, far awayThe jackpot sure sounds amazing, but you’re not in the States. Flying to the US just to buy a lotto ticket sounds about as likely as traveling faster than the speed of light. Play online you can! Play and win from anywhere in the galaxy. Whether you’re an Ewok in Endor or a Hutt from Tatooine, the Powerball jackpot could be yours! Play from your desktop or mobile device and you’ll be on your way to becoming a multi-millionaire. Just promise us that if you win, you won’t join the Dark Side!

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