Pot of Powerball Gold Result of Divine Intervention?

The Smith family is no longer asking what’s at the other end of the rainbow. They know. How so? Because they recently found their pot of gold, in the shape of a $429.6 million US Powerball jackpot prize that they won on Friday, May 13th. A pot of Powerball gold, really. Seventy year old Pearlie Mae Smith purchased the winning Powerball ticket at a 7-Eleven in Trenton, New Jersey and hit it big with that $6 purchase! The winning Powerball numbers for the Friday, May 13th drawing were 5, 25, 26, 44, 66 and Powerball number 9. Pearlie Mae’s daughter stated: “Divine intervention provided the winning numbers to my mother in a dream”. She said she felt compelled to listen to the intuition and plans on repaying God by tithing 10 percent of her prize money to the church.

Powerball Gold is Family Gold

US Powerball Gold befalls New Jersey familyPearlie Mae Smith is not claiming the prize alone, however. Smith is a mother of seven (the youngest of whom is 38) and she plans on sharing the fortune with all of her seven children under “The Smith Family Lottery Pool” moniker. The children are lucky to have such a generous mother, who is a pastor in a church in Trenton in daily life and rarely plays the lottery. Well, she does have fantastic timing – this rare occasion of playing the lottery really paid off for the Smith family!

Take the Money and Run, or?

The Smith family purchased the ticket with the cash payout option, which was estimated at a gigantic $284 million. Many winners of US lotteries heed the recommendation to obtain professional assistance and advice to navigate such a life-changing event. The Smiths are in fact opting for that advice and, based on that advice, have decided to accept the cash option. One of Smith’s daughters, Valerie Marie Arthur, said the family didn’t come forward right away because they wanted to consult with an attorney and other experts first. “Our first and foremost thought was to educate ourselves”, Arthur said. See, there are other options than to take the money and run like a thief in the night. We wholeheartedly applaud this move by the Smith family.

Sixth Biggest Powerball Jackpot in History

The Smiths’ pot of gold, worth $429.6 million, is the sixth largest jackpot in US Powerball history and the largest amount ever won by a single lottery ticket holder in the State of New Jersey. After taxes, the family still get to keep close to $205 million of the original $284 million that was the cash value of the $429.6 million jackpot sum that Pearlie Mae Smith played for.

There is More Powerball Gold to be Won!

After six rollovers, the current US Powerball jackpot has reached the $100 million mark! We are not really surprised by this: in 2016, Powerball dynamics have changed dramatically and jackpots just don’t seem to be won anymore before a considerable number of rollovers has happened. We might be jinxing things a little, but hey, we’re watching the trends happen as they come. What we are really trying to say: Buy official US Powerball tickets online for the next draw, scheduled to happen on Wednesday 1 June. If you think your luck is a little on the underwhelming side, maybe you should stock up on the luck of others! In that case, a US Powerball lottery syndicate may be just the thing for you! You’re buying a whole lot of tickets together, you pay less but increase your winning potential enormously. Interesting? The go ahead and read more info about Powerball syndicates!

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