Powerball Jackpot Falls! But Not in America

The Powerball jackpot falls! An unemployed man won a $50 million Powerball jackpot last week. The man, who has decided to remain anonymous, described the jackpot win as “life changing.” He claimed not to “even know how many zeroes are in $50 million.” There is one important thing to note. This jackpot winner won the Australia Powerball, not the US Powerball. The US Powerball currently boasts a $204 million jackpot, the largest jackpot prize in the world. There’s still time for you to purchase your Powerball tickets for the next draw.

The Australia Powerball, which stages a weekly draw on Thursday nights, is one of a number of lotteries around the world that have adopted the format of the American lottery. In the original US Powerball, players choose five main numbers from 1-69 and an additional Powerball number from 1-26. The Australian version of the game, meanwhile, requires players to choose six numbers from 1-40 and an additional Powerball number from 1-20.

powerball jackpot falls

In the South Africa Powerball lottery by comparison, five main numbers are chosen from a guess range of 1-45 and the Powerball number is chosen from a guess range of 1-20. In the New Zealand Powerball, on the other hand, you choose six numbers from 1-40 and the Powerball number from 1-10.

You can win Powerball jackpots around the world, but nothing really compares to the original.

Powerball Jackpot Falls! The Odds of It Happening

Back to Australia. The Powerball winner, aged in his 30s, released a statement after learning he had won the division one prize in the draw on May 11th. When he received official confirmation from a lottery official, he said, “No! No! No! Don’t tell me that!!! Are you serious man?! I’ll probably faint.”

Surrounded by family members he stated his confusion. “I don’t know what to do. What should I do now? Should I call my mum? Should I hug my wife? What do I do?”

Furthermore, it appears that the man is quite generous because he vowed to share his Powerball prize with family and friends. “If I’m winning, I want everybody along with me to win,” he said. “I genuinely want to help people, so some sort of charity.”

While the odds of winning the US Powerball are 1:292,201,338, the odds of winning the Australia Powerball are 1:76,767,600.

So, most noteworthy of the differences between the two lotteries is the jackpot prize. The Australian Powerball winner’s prize was $50 million in his local currency. That is equal to $37 million in US currency. This is a far cry from the current US Powerball top prize. When the Powerball jackpot falls in America, the whole world hears it. Buy your Powerball tickets now to play for a chance to win a $204 million jackpot.

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