Powerball Is Fastest Growing Jackpot Around

The US Powerball jackpot currently stands at $127 million, one of the biggest lottery prizes in the world today. If no winners emerge at the next drawing, the following rollover will push the jackpot even higher, surely making it the biggest lottery jackpot in the world at this time. The jackpot first prize has been climbing swiftly, even for US Powerball standards. More proof of the fact that US Powerball’s top prize is the fastest growing lottery jackpot around.

This is quite to be expected, because this American lottery is and has been extremely popular for a long time. Especially after it set the record for the biggest jackpot ever in January 2016 – when it hit an annuity value of $1,586,400,000 – popularity went through the roof. The Powerball lottery is popular for good reason: it always delivers! The biggest jackpot prizes, with a frequency unmatched by any other lottery, are won in our favourite lottery. Although the current $127 million jackpot is still in its early stages, it is already close to being the world’s biggest jackpot today, which is a very good reason to play Powerball online today!

Powerball Jackpot’s Last Big Winner

Powerball jackpot is fastest growingThe US Powerball is now on a roll since the jackpot was last hit in July. Remember? One lucky ticket, sold in New Hampshire, matched the winning numbers, entitling its owner to a $487 million jackpot. The winner of that jackpot, currently ranked as the 8th biggest lottery jackpot ever, has yet to come forward to claim his/her prize.

The Powerball was reset following that draw to its starting guaranteed $40 million jackpot, which in itself is quite an attractive prize. Six drawings have been held since then and the top prize quickly passed the $100 million mark. If not claimed in the next few draws, the jackpot will surely pass the $200 million mark very quickly.

Why Does the Powerball Jackpot Grow So Quickly?

According to industry reports, the $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot in January generated approximately 10 million new players. Due to the record jackpot, the Powerball was featured frequently in the news and other media. This caused an enormous buzz, which led to even more people streaming to outlets to purchase Powerball tickets. “The lottery industry has never seen such an explosion of completely new players in its history”, said Simon Jaworski, a Powerball expert at Leger, one of North America’s fastest growing research companies.

Without a doubt, January’s record jackpot, as well as the $429 million jackpot in May and the $487 million jackpot in July, will continue to fuel interest in the US Powerball. Expectations for a new record jackpot, sometime in the very near future, are high and continue to rise higher with every successful rollover streak.

There is also a matter of luck involved in Powerball’s quickly growing jackpots. Players would be “lucky” to win the jackpot, but they are also “lucky” when no one wins! Why? Because you get to play for an even bigger jackpot in the following draw, as the rollovers serve to boost the jackpot higher and higher from one draw to the next. So if you don’t win the jackpot in Wednesday night’s draw, you could still turn out to be quite the lucky player. Of course, this only applies if no other player wins the jackpot either. Fingers crossed for a good result!

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