Powerball Power Play Feature: Boost Your Wins!

Powerball Power Play feature is originally a hockey termIf you’re a hockey fan (icehockey, that is), you are more than likely well-informed about the concept of power play. A player makes a foul and gets send to the bench for two minutes, which automatically means that the other team (provided they don’t have a player in the penalty bench at that moment) gets two minutes of Power Play. It makes sense to call that Power Play, because you’re in a situation to overpower the other team with one player more on the ‘rink’. If you’re a US Powerball lottery fan, you are probably aware of the Power Play feature this lottery offers, with which you can increase your secondary prizes to an amount up to 5 times as big – 10 times even when the Powerball jackpot is below $150 million. Which is exactly the case right now – you can play for a juicy $80 million Powerball jackpot on Wednesday 25 May!

Powerball Power Play Number Drawn in Every Draw

The Powerball lottery ‘borrowed’ the Power Play term from the hockey world, which is understandable because it fits the lottery name very well and it also describes what it does pretty well. It gives the player the power to boost prizes. That is Power Play in optima forma. And you too can have that power! With the current jackpot size of $80 million available in the upcoming draw on Wednesday 25 May, it will take a couple more rollovers for the jackpot to reach the $150 million amount – if it will roll over that far. Until it reaches that amount, the Powerball Power Play feature is at its most lucrative, offering not just the option to multiply secondary winnings (except for the second prize of $1 million that can only be doubled) by a factor 2 to 5, but also an additional factor 10! The Power Play number is a randomly generated number, so there is no guarantee it will actually equal that much desired number 10 – but it CAN happen and on top of that it adds to the general excitement!

Powerball in not-so-hot pursuit of Mega Millions

Don't forget to activate the Powerball Power Play optionThe last won Powerball jackpot, $430 million in the draw on May 7, is still waiting to be claimed. The current Powerball jackpot jumped to $80 million after a fourth consecutive rollover last Saturday, but it is still way behind the US Mega Millions jackpot, which has been rolling over for 21 draws in a row now and made it across the $200 million mark, now offering a slamming $203 million! Let’s see if our beloved Powerball lotto can keep rolling over as well! If it doesn’t, make sure it’s you that takes home the jackpot! That would make us even more happy than another Powerball jackpot reaching in the hundreds of millions of dollars. But at the very least, make sure you activate the Power Play feature – you can thank us later (after you win a tenfold of the original secondary prize)!

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