Powerball Rollover Run Ready to Turn Epic

Today, Wednesday April 13, will go down in history as an historic day. Why? Well, for starters, you can play for a brilliant $184 million US Powerball jackpot in tonight’s draw! But today is also the day that legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant, from LA Lakers fame, will play his last home game at the Lakers’ home turf, the famous LA Staples Center. The Lakers are going through a very dark period in their existence, playing their worst season ever by far, but fans and haters line up side by side to honor one of the greatest players of all time, who says goodbye to the game after the completion of this season – which will end after the regular season for the Lakers, since they have absolutely no chance at all to make it to the playoffs. So with plenty of reason to feel excited, are you fired up yet? And more importantly: did you make sure to purchase your US Powerball tickets upfront? If not – act fast and do it now!

Will the Powerball Rollover Run End on #MambaDay?

Celebrate Kobe's last home game with a jackpot win and prevent the Powerball Rollover Run to continueHow great would it be to win the US Powerball jackpot on the day that will go down in history as MambaDay – the day Kobe Bryant, nicknamed the Black Mamba, says goodbye to his home crowd and to legions of fans worldwide at the same time. To be able to say to your children or grandchildren that you won a $184 million US Powerball jackpot on the same day that one of the best basketball players ever retires; what a story that would be!

The game probably sold out ages ago, but you never know if a ticket will be flying your way in some mysterious way. If you’re interested in attending the game, be aware of the fact that ticket prices for this game went through the roof – you cannot buy a ticket for less than $730, and the famous courtside seats go for many thousands of dollars. You’d really need a Powerball jackpot, or at least a big secondary prize (remember to activate the Power Play feature!) to be able to afford those coveted seats. Thank god Powerball tickets are way more affordable! You can spend your money on those, and watch the game on television. You won’t be sitting alongside Jack Nicholson, but you’ll save a fortune at the same time.

If It Rolls Over Again, This Powerball Rollover Run Turns into an Epic Affair

No 2016 US Powerball jackpot win has been below $200 million, yet. More than four months into the year, we’ve seen a $1.6 billion world record and a $292 million jackpot pass by. Now, the jackpot is approaching the $200 million mark again, and if the jackpot doesn’t get a winner tonight, it will definitely rank itself in the ‘$200 Million Plus Club’ of 2016 Powerball jackpots! So from all perspectives, tonight will be legendary no matter what! So get your Powerball tickets fast, sit back and enjoy what tonight has in store for you! Good luck!

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