Powerball Syndicate Winners Win Big

Syndicates are a great way to play the lottery with friends and boost winning odds, sounds like fun! What could be more fun than being a Powerball syndicate winner? These three syndicates won hundreds of millions of dollars and made scores of millionaires! Read these amazing stories of Powerball syndicate winners and then join a Powerball syndicate of your own!

Ocean’s 16 – $448 million

The Ocean's 16 Powerball Syndicate is one of the biggest Powerball syndicate winners. They won $62 million!
The $448 million US Powerball jackpot won on August 7th 2013 ranks as the sixth biggest Powerball jackpot ever. Among the three jackpot winning tickets was one held by the Ocean’s 16 Syndicate, a collection of 16 employees of the Ocean County New Jersey Department of Vehicle Services. The 16 co-workers were all good friends who had been playing the lottery together for years. When the time came for them to collect their prize, they arrived together to the New Jersey Lottery in a bus that they rented for the occasion. Talk about solidarity!
The Ocean’s 16 Syndicate decided to take their third of the jackpot as a lump sum payment of $62 million. Each member of the syndicate took home $3.87 million! For some of the syndicate members the win was an extraordinary reversal of fortune as they had been affected by Hurricane Sandy the year before.

The Tennessee Twenty – $420 million

The Tenessee 20 Powerball Syndicate is one of the biggest Powerball syndicate winners. They won $420 million!
Just after Black Friday and the beginning of the holiday shopping season in the US, the Tennessee 20 syndicate got a boost in their shopping budgets! On November 29, 2016, the syndicate was the sole winner of the giant US Powerball $420 million jackpot!
The Tennessee 20 syndicate was a group of twenty co-workers and friends at the North American Stamping Group, an auto parts plant. They had been playing US Powerball together for eight years, buying $120 worth of Powerball tickets for the twice-weekly draws on Wednesday and Saturday.
The group elected to take the cash option and brought home $254 million. Each member of the Tennessee 20 received $12.7 million. While some intended to retire straight away, others planned to continue working at the plant.

The Shipping 20 – $241 million

The Shipping 20 Powerball Syndicate is one of the biggest Powerball syndicate winners. They won $241 million in June 2012!
The Shipping 20 syndicate won a $241 million US Powerball jackpot on June 13, 2012. At the time, it was the largest lottery win in Iowa. The syndicate was comprised of 20 employees of the shipping department of the Quaker Oats cereal plant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Ranging in age from 35 to 64, the 18 men and 2 women had combined seniority of 686 years with Quaker Oats!
The syndicate had their own rules for how to play Powerball. When the jackpot would rise above $100 million each member of the syndicate would chip in $2 and they’d buy tickets.
After winning the jackpot, the group formed a trust, also called the Shipping 20, to receive the prize and keep the identities of the members anonymous. The Shipping 20 chose to receive the lump-sum payout of $160.3 million. Each member of the group received $8 million. 11 members of the group said they’d retire immediately while others wanted to continue working at the plant, at least until the plant could hire new workers!

Odds Boosting Lottery Fun

These Powerball syndicate winners won millions in prizes and the financial freedom to retire early, or not, it’s their choice! You don’t need to round up 20 of your friends and co-workers to form a Powerball syndicate, you can play Powerball syndicates online! Try and win a life changing Powerball prize, online, today!