Powerball Ticket Error Results in Jackpot Win

The recent Powerball jackpot race that will go down in history as the first rollover series that lead us to a lottery jackpot exceeding the amount of a billion dollar, resulted in a Black Friday-like lottery frenzy, with sometimes unexpected results. Read the story of a Powerball ticket purchase gone wrong, ending with a jackpot win in a completely different lottery!

‘I meant to print a US Powerball ticket…’

Virginia grocery store employee misprints Powerball ticket, wins Cash4Life jackpot insteadMichael Donnelly, a grocery store employee in Falls Church, Virginia, was printing Powerball tickets for customers at the Harris Teeter shop, his workplace, and he happened to make a mistake printing one of the Powerball tickets for the January 9 draw (in which the $950 million jackpot rolled over once more). Instead of a Powerball ticket, he accidentally pushed the button for a Cash4Life ticket. The customer had the Powerball jackpot on his mind and wasn’t interested in a Cash4Life lottery ticket, which left Donnelly the choice to buy the ticket for the January 7 Cash4Life draw himself. With a $7 million jackpot win as the surprising outcome – paid in full in a one-time lump sum, an option he preferred over receiving $1,000 every day for the rest of his life. His employer received an additional $50,000 for selling the winning ticket – what a day it must have been at the Harris Teeter!

Up for grabs right now: $112 million Powerball jackpot

In case you didn’t know: the current jackpot in the American Powerball lottery is a tasty, if not delicious, $112 million – once again the biggest jackpot in the whole world. If you have your six lucky numbers ready, it would only take you a few seconds to fill out a Powerball ticket and take a swing at that magnificent lottery prize! With five correct regular numbers and the right Powerball number, you would become the second biggest Powerball winner of the year so far! Click those Play buttons and start winning! Good luck to you!

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