A Powerball Win With a Side of Fries

Congratulations to whoever bought the winning $435.3 million US Powerball ticket in Lafayette, Indiana! That was an incredible, well-deserved win. I’d be lying if I said that I’m not a little disappointed I didn’t win that huge jackpot for myself, but, we are still happy for you, anonymous winner!

That’s right, if you haven’t heard already, the US Powerball jackpot was won by a single ticket holder on 22 February ending Powerball’s 18 draw rollover streak. The winning numbers were 0-13-28-52-61, Powerball: 2, Power Play 2.

The jackpot, of course, reset to $40 million and has since rolled over once and now stands at an impressive $53 million, not too shabby at all when you think about it. Would you be disappointed to win $53 million? Of course not! So stop reading for a moment and play US Powerball online now! It’s OK, we’ll wait…Got your tickets? Good.

$53 million, lots of money to be sure, but not the only prize that Powerball offers. Powerball’s second prize is a cool $1 million; make it $2 million with the Powerplay option! Not bad at all. There are those that say that $1 million doesn’t go as far as it used to, but I’d just as soon find out for myself.

If you find yourself with $1 million burning a hole in your pocket, you might start looking at restaurant menus a little bit differently. A plain old, regular hamburger might not cut it and you might be tempted to try some of the most expensive, fanciest hamburgers on the planet. If you’re looking to expand your palette we’ve got some suggestions for you.

At a mere $1,768 the Glamburger from Honky Tonk of Londons is officially the world’s most expensive hamburger. No surprise, either, as this burger is made of Kobe beef, beluga caviar, lobster, white truffle, gold leaf, venison, black truffle brie, Iranian saffron, and matcha tea. Would you like fries with that?

Want to try something stateside? Head to New York’s Serendipity and order the Le Burger Extravagant, a relative bargain at $295. While Le Burger Extravagant lacks the over the top ingredients of the Glamburger it’s actually designed to be a tasty burger and not just a huge price tag.

Le Burger Extravagant features white truffle butter-infused Japanese Wagyu beef topped with James Montgomery cheddar cheese, black truffles and a fried quail egg.

It is served on a gold-dusted campagna roll spread with white truffle butter, and the roll is topped with a blini, creme fraiche and caviar.

If you’re stomach’s grumbling for one of these decadent burgers and the lifestyle that goes with it there’s only one thing to do, play US Powerball now!

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