Powerball’s Jackpot Can be Yours if You Try!

The US Powerball jackpot is the biggest in the world at $275 million and the excitement is really starting to ratchet up. Ticket sales are climbing, both in the US and online, as lottery players and jackpot hunters the world over secure their entries for the world’s largest jackpot. The current jackpot has been steadily growing after it was last won on 1 April and reset to its $40 million starting point. Indeed, at $275 million this is the largest jackpot that we have seen in some time from US Powerball.

Think you can’t win the lottery? You can!

Lottery players come in all different forms. Some are regular players, some sporadic, some people play the same numbers over and over while others change it up, some use quick pick, others have lucky numbers or choose their own.

Lottery winners are the same, they also come in all types. Some people win the lottery after having played once while others wait years before they get lucky! The point is, anyone can win! Don’t hold back because you think only serious, lifelong players get all the luck, that is not necessarily true.

Case in point, a Bronx, New York bartender bought a scratch off ticket on a whim and walked away with $7 million! “This is otherworldly. I never saw it coming,” said Michael Moriarty on his incredible win.

Moriarty is 56 years young, a father of three, and has been a bartender for 40 years, working at some of New York’s most famous restaurants such as Tavern on the Green and Union Square Café.

Moriarty was in the middle of doing laundry when he decided to take a stroll and stopped into the convenience store to buy a scratch off ticket. His huge win literally brought him to his news as the shock of it hit him.

The first thing Moriarty plans to buy with his winnings is a fishing pole. He also wants to travel with his daughters. “I’m a simple man,” he said. “Taking care of my family [is] the most important thing for me.”

Powerball’s Next Draw is Your Next Chance

Wednesday’s draw produced no jackpot winners or second prizewinners. The winning numbers were 28-32-33-38-62, Powerball: 15, Power Play: 2. The next drawing is for a staggering $275 million and can be won by anyone with a ticket. Don’t let doubt stand in your way, you can win Powerball if you try! Hurry up and get your online Powerball tickets now for the next drawing on Saturday 27 April 2017!

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