Ready for Tonight’s Massive US Powerball Draw?

Excitement is growing in the United States – not just in the race for the US presidency, but also in the race towards the next billion dollar lottery jackpot! US Powerball is making headway towards that goal as we speak! Tonight, a magnificent $348 million jackpot is at stake in the next, massive US Powerball draw – and we once again want to make you aware of the fact that you too can play for this jackpot! All you need is a ticket, or maybe a couple of tickets if you can spend the budget. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste – somebody will end up winning this jackpot. It might not be tonight, it could take another couple of draws and in the process we may or may not reach the billion dollar mark again, or even more than that – but fact is that a jackpot will at some point be won. Feeling lucky? Go on then, get your US Powerball lottery tickets now!

Will Ted Cruz Participate in the Upcoming Massive US Powerball Draw?

Ted Cruz ready for massive us powerball drawWe have no actual proof of Cruz’ participation in tonight’s US Powerball event, but we suspect he pulled out of the race to become the Republican candidate in the next presidential elections for a good reason. Some people may argue that he was already too far behind Donald Trump after he suffered another defeat in last night’s Indiana primary elections. Could be. However, we think Cruz decided to focus for the full 100% on ‘that other race’ happening as we speak: the US Powerball jackpot race towards a new world record! And honestly, who could blame him? We agree that it is much more exciting than butting heads with Donald Trump repeatedly. Just watch the video below to see exactly how excited Ted Cruz is to get out of the presidential race and into the Powerball race! He is so over the moon that his arms are starting to lead a life of their own!

2016 offers Powerball Jackpots New Style

So far, 2016 has brought us two gigantic Powerball jackpots, with the third one already reaching gigantic proportions while still growing towards an as of yet unknown height. What does this tell us? Should we get used to Powerball jackpots always being a couple of hundreds of millions of dollars in size? Obviously, this would mean that we would only see a couple of Powerball jackpot wins every year. We’re already in May, well over a third of the year is behind us, and we’re only in the third rollover run! And the first one only lasted three draws in 2016 – the hard work already took place in 2015! In conclusion, we can definitely say that playing the Powerball lottery in 2016 is a different ballgame. At least, so far. We are not ruling out that we’ll be welcoming smaller sized Powerball jackpots too – but they will have to take a backseat for now.

Are you ready to take the jackpot? We wish you the best of luck in tonight’s enormously massive US Powerball draw – get ready for an exciting event!

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