Record Lottery Jackpots: Powerball Has 7-3 Lead over Mega Millions

The US Powerball jackpot stands right now at $198 million. The Mega Millions jackpot is currently $47 million. While these are both huge jackpot prizes, it seems that Powerball has an unbeatable edge and bragging rights for record lottery jackpots.

But everything could change in the next draw. At times Mega Millions is the top lottery to play, but at other times, all the attention deservedly goes to the US Powerball.

There is indeed fierce competition between these two lotteries to see which one can offer the higher jackpot.

Who Has More Record Lottery Jackpots?

record lottery jackpotsFor nearly 4 years, Mega Millions was the world’s leader, having awarded a $656 million jackpot to three winners in March 2012. Then the Powerball came around and broke the record, reaching an astronomical height of $1.58 billion. Yes, you read that right – 1.58 billion dollars. The jackpot fell in January 2016 – there were 3 very lucky ticket holders.

In the race between the two great American lotteries, the US Powerball currently has the lead. The Powerball’s advantage is 7 to 3, but everything could change at the next draw. Maybe the Powerball jackpot will fall while the Mega Millions continues its rollover streak.

Here’s how things stand right now in the top ten highest lottery jackpots ever awarded:

Rank Jackpot Cash value Game Date Winners
1 $1,586m $983m Powerball January 13, 2016 3
2 $656m $474m Mega Millions March 30, 2012 3
3 $648m $348m Mega Millions December 17,2013 2
4 $590m $371m Powerball May 18, 2013 1
5 $587m $384m Powerball November 28, 2012 2
6 $564m $381m Powerball February 11, 2015 3
7 $536m $378m Mega Millions July 8, 2016 1
8 $487m $342m Powerball July 30, 2016 1
9 $448m $258m Powerball August 7, 2013 3
10 $429m $284m Powerball May 7, 2016 1

With all these incredible record-breaking lottery jackpots, what’s a player to do?

Purchase US Powerball lottery tickets in time for the next draw. But to give you the best chance of winning the record lottery jackpots, purchase US Mega Millions tickets as well.

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