What Are Your Six Lucky Powerball Numbers?

As you may already know, Powerball requires you to pick five regular numbers from a guess range of 1-69 and an additional Powerball number from an alternative range of 1-26. What are your six lucky Powerball numbers? The question could also have been posed this way: where do you get your six lucky Powerball numbers? How do you choose your numbers?

How Do You Choose Your Lucky Powerball Numbers?

Some people have lucky Powerball numbers based on such dates as their birthday, their child’s birthday, or a special anniversary. Other people conjure up these lucky numbers through science, or pseudo science as some like to call it, like numerology and horoscopes. Regardless of where they come from, you have to consider how reliable they are. After all, they’re just numbers. The only drawback of self-picks is that humans, generally speaking, are all programmed much the same way, which means your favorite numbers are probably someone else’s favorite numbers too. So if you win, it is not unlikely you’ll end up sharing the jackpot.

Quick Pick – if you don’t have inspiration

A very common method of choosing lottery ticket numbers is through the Quick Pick feature. This option basically does the hard picking work for you, by randomly selecting the six numbers for you. Do you prefer the Quick Pick option? The truth of the matter is that statistically, the odds are the same with Quick Picks as they are with any combination of numbers you pick yourself. So it doesn’t really matter if you choose lucky numbers or let the machine choose them for you. Though it may seem illogical, 1-2-3-4-5-6 is just as likely to come up as a random selection of six numbers from a 1-69 guess range.

Richard Lustig, a seven-time lottery winner, highly advises against Quick Picks because he claims that picking your own numbers keeps you from getting combinations of recent winners thereby increasing your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Although players opting for Quick Picks are less likely to share a prize, it’s worth mentioning that Quick Picks are not unique and it is quite possible for the same batch of numbers to be ‘quickpicked’ for more than one player in the same draw. In August 2013, Paul White won his share of a $448 million Powerball jackpot with a Quick Pick ticket. The jackpot was shared with two others, one of whom also won using the Quick Pick method!

Alternative Ways to Pick Your Lucky Powerball Numbers

Pick Your Lucky Powerball NumbersIf you don’t have lucky numbers, or if your lucky numbers keep failing to bring in the money and you don’t want the lottery machine to pick them for you, there are other ways to obtain your ‘winning’ lottery numbers. Maybe one of these sets of numbers will get you on the board in the next Powerball lottery draw. For a little inspiration, check out our Lucky US Powerball Numbers section.

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