Powerball Winner Plans to Open a Soul Food Restaurant

A soul food restaurant is on the menu for a big Powerball winner!

What would do if you won a huge Powerball jackpot? If you play Powerball this week, you could win an astronomical prize of $302 million! What would do with that much cash? Would you ever consider opening a restaurant where you and your daughters could cook up spicy chicken, sweet potato fries, and fried fish; and serve your customers peach cobbler for desert?

That is exactly the plan of New Jersey resident Sandra McNeil Rogers, who won a $211.7 million Powerball jackpot in March 2010. Because Rogers elected at the time to take the cash option, she received a pre-tax prize of $101.6 million.

Soul Food Restaurant menu

Proposed menu of the soul food restaurant

Rogers, a part time member of the Morris School District school board, wisely waited a month after the Powerball draw to consult with her lawyer, an accountant, and a financial planner. In April that year, she said she would use her prize money to make sure her children would be able to continue their education and had comfortable lives.

Rogers thanked “God for all the glory for this blessing that He has given to me.” In addition, in a statement released by the New Jersey Lottery Commission she said that God “has seen and knows the highs and lows of my life, and knows the good I have done, and the good I hope I can continue to accomplish in His name.”

Rogers also stated that she planned to live her life out of the public spotlight. “I was a private person before God blessed me so generously, and that is how I wish to remain.”

Soul Food Restaurant in Morristown

Now, seven years after her life-changing Powerball win, Rogers has approached the Morristown Planning Board. “I’ve always dreamed of opening a restaurant,” she told board members.

Therefore, the planned restaurant would be the only one in Morristown serving Southern-style food. Rogers had received approval in 2015 to convert a repair shop into a liturgical dance studio but that building would now serve as the home for Sandi’s Soulbites.

Also, according to news reports, Rogers and her daughters will prepare the food. What will be on the menu? Probably delicious portions of traditional Southern cooking.

“My grandmother was a chef,” Rogers said. “The whole concept is grabbing a bite to eat on your way home from work.”

Would you ever consider opening a restaurant if you were a winner of a huge Powerball jackpot? With $302 million up for grabs in the next draw, it would be wise to get your Powerball tickets now. In conclusion, if you win the big prize, you can make your plans what to do with the lottery windfall. Maybe opening up your own restaurant is on your menu!

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