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Powerball rolled over to $54 million, this is the first rollover since a single ticket won the $456 million jackpot on 17 March. While the jackpot is just getting started, the second prize is always a healthy $1 million! Play the Powerplay to make it $2 million! Not to mention, the odds of winning the second prize are much better than winning the jackpot. With every Powerball draw you have two chances to be a millionaire! Don't wait a moment longer, play Powerball online today for your chance at life changing prizes! The next draw is Saturday 24th March 2018!

Powerball News

You Have a Great Chance to Win Powerball

You Have a Great Chance to Win Powerball

US Powerball is the world’s most popular lottery because of one thing: jackpots! With a starting jackpot of $40 million and a world record of $1.6 billion set in January 2016, the Powerball jackpot is what brings lottery players from all over the world flocking. As the jackpot climbs higher, more and more people decideContinue Reading

Oldest Powerball Winners

Oldest Powerball Winners

Lottery players love US Powerball for its incredible jackpots and prizes, which are big enough to change lives and make dreams come true. Win Powerball’s jackpot or second prize and, chances are, you’ll never have to work again if you don’t want to. While the youngest US Powerball winners have their whole life to enjoyContinue Reading

Powerball is America's Favourite Lottery

Powerball is America's biggest, most exciting, and most popular lottery. Offered in 44 states, the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands, American Powerball is also played online by thousands of lottery players worldwide. Powerball is most famous for its January 2016 world record $1.59 billion jackpot. Even if they’re not setting records, the Powerball jackpots are usually the biggest in the world, not to mention, Powerball’s secondary prizes are also huge!

American Powerball History

The Powerball’s first draw was back in 1992. Powerball replaced another multi-state lottery known as Lotto*America and introduced a revolutionary design to lottery games. The US Powerball was the first game to use two drums; one drum for the main numbers and the second drum for an additional number called the Powerball.

Powerball has changed over the years but the basic rules of  how to play Powerball have remained the same. Whether players are playing individually or as part of an odds boosting Powerball syndicate the process is the same. Players choose their lucky Powerball numbers, or play the quick pick, and wait for the Powerball results to come in to see if they’ve won!

American Powerball Abroad

US Powerball’s recipe has proved so popular that other countries have borrowed it for their own lotteries. Today, it’s possible to play  Powerball AustraliaPowerball New Zealand, and Powerball South Africa. Each one of these exciting lotteries is bringing the thrill of high jackpots and great prizes to players in their respective countries and to players around the world, online.

Play US Powerball Online

2002 brought a huge change to the US Powerball lottery, it was finally possible to  play Powerball online from anywhere in the world. Lottery messenger service theLottermakes it possible for international players to take part in Powerball draws with official entries purchased in the United States. This was a huge innovation for the US Powerball game and opened the doors to tens of thousands of international players in each draw.