US Powerball Advantages

Advantages of playing the US Powerball lottery online

Playing US Powerball online means that you will automatically enjoy a number of attractive benefits that offline players miss out on:

  • A comfortable process – You can arrange everything, from purchasing your Powerball ticket to checking the draw results and winning Powerball numbers, from the comfort of your own home!
  • A high security level – A paper lottery ticket from an offline store is easy to lose, and losing it would automatically lose any prize you could possibly win with that ticket! When you play online, your ticket details and proof of purchase are stored online in your personal account, so you an’t lose your prize!
  • Automatic win notifications – Your numbers are checked automatically – if you win you’ll be notified directly by email. A win will not pass by unnoticed, even if you forget to check the latest US Powerball Results!

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What does the Powerball lottery have that other lotteries don’t?
It goes without saying that playing the American Powerball online from the comfort of your own home gives you a huge advantage over offline players. But this advantage is not limited to the Powerball lottery – one can play other lotteries online as well. What other factors explain Powerball’s huge popularity?

  • Enormous Starting Jackpots & rollover jumps – Powerball is unmatched when it comes to the lottery’s starting jackpot, which is an incredible $40 million! There is no other lottery that comes even close! On top of that, the jackpot increases its jackpot with at least $10 million every time it rolls over. The more rollovers, the bigger the increase. And the best part: there is no jackpot cap – theoretically, it can rollover till the end of time! Powerball aims to be the first lottery to reach a $1 billion jackpot, by 2020. But who know, it may happen sooner than that!
  • Global Participation – While the Powerball is an American lottery, for which one can buy physical tickets on American soil only, it is in fact a very international event, since players from all over the world can purchase tickets online. A Powerball ticket bought online offers the same chances as a physical ticket, which means that no matter where in the world you live, every player has the same chance of winning the jackpot. This makes a Powerball draw a truly international event!
  • Great Overall Odds – Obviously, Powerball players hope to win the Powerball jackpot. But the lottery has more to offer: there are plenty of secondary prizes to win – eight in total – if the jackpot is out of reach. Guessing just the Powerball number correctly already entitles you to a prize!
  • the Power Play multiplier – One of the biggest Powerball perks is its secondary prize multiplier, the Power Play. Playing Powerball with this option enabled, which raises the prize of a single ticket from $2 to $3, will increase the 2nd place prize from $1 million to $2 million, and all other secondary prizes with a factor 2 to 5, depending on the specific Power Play number drawn. For example: with a bit of luck, the third place prize of $10,000 can be quintupled to $50,000, and the same goes for all other secondary prizes, the second place prize – which can only be doubled with the Power Play feature, aside. Don’t forget to check this option on the play form!

In short: Powerball gives players the ultimate lottery excitement!