US Powerball Resources: additional US Powerball info

Being the most popular lottery in the world, there is a lot of information that could be helpful to players when they play, or start playing, the US Powerball. For example, information about any part of the proces of playing the Powerball, or information about what to expect after a big Powerball win.

FAQ and Lottery Scams information

For your convenience, we have created a set of subsections that are here for you to check when the time is appropriate.
What subsections can you find here? Well, for starters a set of frequently asked questions regarding the Powerball lottery that will answer all, or at least most, of the questions that may rise while playing the Powerball, or while visiting this site. You can also find a section about lottery scams, in which we explain how to recognize and handle unexpected and weird letters, emails and calls regarding lotteries in general – which also applies to the US Powerball.

What else?

Look in the list below to see the available information and click on the appropriate link to see navigate to the detailed information.