US Powerball Jackpot – When Will The Ship Come In?

Unfortunately there is just no telling when a US Powerball jackpot might hit and maybe that’s where all the fun of it lies. I think there is something exciting in watching the jackpot grow, although there’s always the let-down when those numbers are drawn and there are no winners (especially when the winner isn’t you). The fact of the matter is that eventually all these jackpots have to hit and eventually they do hit so don’t neglect to buy your Powerball tickets online for this upcoming draw. You can see from this year alone there has been a great deal of good fortune in the Powerball.

US Powerball Jackpot

2016 Has Been a Good Year for the US Powerball Jackpot

The year 2016 has seen enormous jackpots starting off at $40 million and growing into huge bundles of cash. Beginning January 13th a jackpot of $1,586,400,000 was cracked wide open by three lucky Powerball players. Lisa and John Robinson of Tennessee, The Nickel 95 Trust or Florida, and an anonymous winner from California shared in that mega fortune. The next huge jackpot to be won was on March 02 for $291,400,000 by James Stocklas of Florida. Then the jackpot started creeping up again and on April 13, 2016 it hit what it is now – $184 million. No one won that jackpot and it kept growing into the Smith Family Lottery Pool’s May 07 Powerball fortune of $429,600,000.

The Ship is Coming In

Although $184 million is not one of the highest jackpots, you have to consider that the jackpots don’t often go over $100 million. So $184 million is quite a chunk of change and someone has to win it (and then some?) eventually. If the winner takes the annuity (which they most often do), they stand to walk away with $125.3 million in cash. One key decision lottery winners must make quickly is whether to take a lump-sum cash option, or take yearly annuity payments. It sounds like quite a difference between the cash option and the annuity ($59.3 million to be exact), however you have consider that $125.3 is no small ship on the ocean.

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