US Powerball: More Than Just a Big Jackpot!

US Powerball has rolled over again and risen to a respectable $121 million. Not bad at all considering that Powerball starts at $40 million and $40 million is a lot of dough in and of itself. $40 million will pay all your debts, get you the house and the car of your dreams, and leave plenty of money left over to live like royalty for the rest of your days. How about a $1 million? I bet you could think of plenty to do with a $1million! What a coincidence, because the US Powerball second place prize is $1 million! That’s right, if you look past the number in the shining lights that gets all the attention, the jackpot amount, you’ll see that US Powerball makes millionaires with its second prize, too!

$1 million? Make it $2 million!

So now that we’re looking a little farther down the prize categories list for US Powerball there’s something else you should know; the Power Play option can double the $1 million second prize to $2 million and multiply other prizes by up to ten times depending on the draw and prize pool. That’s huge! All of a sudden, those ‘smaller’ prizes don’t look so small anymore! Remember that there’s always plenty of action when playing Powerball even if the jackpot’s not making front page headlines.

Tennessee Powerball Jackpots

Pro Tip

Another tip from the lottery pros: play syndicates. Syndicates greatly increase your odds of winning by giving you a stake in many more lines, and therefore chances, at a much better price. Syndicates are a group of players who pool their money together to buy lines in a lottery draw. Winnings are then paid out in proportion to how many lines, or shares, you’ve bought. So let’s say you bought 15 lines in a 100 line syndicate that won $100,000, you would be entitled to $15,000! Not bad! For the price of 15 lines you get the odds of having 100 lines.

Now is Always the Best Time to Play

There’s no time like the present! This is particularly true with US Powerball where there is always money to be made if you just know how to look for it! Players who only want to chase the biggest jackpots are literally wasting thousands of opportunities to win big. So what are you waiting for? Play US Powerball online! today for your chance to win big!

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