It’s On: US Powerball & Mega Millions Head to Head!

Sure, it was ‘on’ longer than a draw or two. But, it has been a while since the jackpots in both the US Powerball lottery and the Mega Millions lotto were offering hundreds of millions – each! It is a true battle of the giants – and all of us are witnessing it first hand. Right here, on! Before we get over-excited: make sure to get your Powerball lottery tickets for tomorrow night’s draw. A brilliant $203 million jackpot is at stake!

Are You Serious About Cheating on US Powerball?

Although the US Powerball jackpot is gigantic, we do realise it’s not the most gigantic lottery prize on offer today. The jackpot you can win in US Mega Millions is considerably bigger: $363 million! But… time is running out for that draw! If you really want to, you can still get tickets, but you have to be super-fast! Don’t expect us to make this a habit, but for this occasion we’ll offer you a direct link to get your US Mega Millions tickets for tonight’s draw. Or for the next one, if nobody wins the jackpot in the upcoming draw. It wouldn’t be a total surprise if the Mega Millions jackpot rolls over again – it has done so for 30 draws in a row already! Can you imagine the US Powerball jackpot size if it will roll over for 30 consecutive draws? Right, it would be an insane amount – definitely higher, much higher, than $363 million.

Every Clash Results in a Winner

us powerball & mega millions go head-to-headNo lottery has been able to beat the US Powerball lottery in 2016. If, however, there is one lottery that can challenge US Powerball to a duel, it’s Mega Millions. In fact, US Powerball & Mega Millions have been battling eachother for many years now. Powerball only took the lead earlier this year, after Mega Millions owned the world jackpot record for almost 4 years straight! The current $363 million jackpot is by far the biggest Mega Millions jackpot of the year, and also the 3rd biggest jackpot of the year overall, behind two earlier Powerball jackpots. Will it go further? Maybe, but the same could happen to the current Powerball jackpot prize. And the Powerball jackpot only took 13 rollovers to pass the $200 million mark – which makes it a much faster growing jackpot. Yes, it really could end in a head to head fight, if both lotteries add another couple of rollovers! We’re already getting excited!

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