US Powerball Prizes

Take a shot at winning the biggest prizes in the world

The US Powerball lottery has acquired world fame for its immense jackpots. Although the jackpots steal the limelight, there are actually eight additional prize categories that players have a chance of winning, with overall odds of winning a prize in the US Powerball being 1 in 24.87 – based on entering with a regular $2 ticket. For a full overview of the nine prize categories and the odds that go with those, please check below.

Prize Divisions Match Prize Winning Odds
1st Prize 5+PB Jackpot 1:292,201,338
2nd Prize 5 $1,000,000 1:111,688,053
3rd Prize 4+PB $50,000 1:913,129
4th Prize 4 $100 1:36,525
5th Prize 3+PB $100 1:14,494
6th Prize 3 $7 1:579
7th Prize 2+PB $7 1:701
8th Prize 1+PB $4 1:92
9th Prize 0+PB $4 1:38

Multiply secondary prizes with the Power Play option

Powerball offers players the Power Play option, with which players can multiply secondary prizes up to ten times! To see what this could mean for any secondary prize, take a look below.

Prize Divisions Match Prize Prize w/ Power Play
1st Prize 5+PB Jackpot Jackpot
2nd Prize 5 $1,000,000 $2,000,000
3rd Prize 4+PB $50,000 $100,000 – $500,000
4th Prize 4 $100 $200 – $1000
5th Prize 3+PB $100 $200 – $1000
6th Prize 3 $7 $14 – $35
7th Prize 2+PB $7 $14 – $70
8th Prize 1+PB $4 $8 – $40
9th Prize 0+PB $4 $8 – $40

Different prizes for different states

Each American state has its own set of rules that apply to lotteries and to the US Powerball lottery (if available), and these may differ from the rules and regulations in other states. For example, Powerball winners in California don’t pay any state tax on lottery prizes, which obviously also applies to US Powerball prizes! Also, secondary prized in California are pari-mutuel, not fixed. This means that secondary Powerball pizes are determined by the amount of ticket sales and can actually be higher than the fixed amounts offered in other states. For specific information about tax info, annuity payment schedules and lump sum amounts per state please check the Powerball site for your state.