Powerball Rollover Jumps Show Revived Popularity

With the recent world jackpot record still on our minds as if it happened yesterday, we are well on the way to the next 9 digit US Powerball jackpot! After only the fourth consecutive Powerball rollover, the jackpot of all jackpots already reached the stunning amount of $96 million! Talk about momentum! How does winning $96 million sound to your ears? Right, we figured as much! Go on, get to it then – gather your lucky numbers and secure your US Powerball tickets. This year started in a revolutionary way for America’s biggest lottery and we only just started our twelve month routine! Bigger things may await us in 2016! So better jump on the Powerball wagon right now, because the jackpot doesn’t wait for anyone!

Popularity doesn’t make jackpots – but it increases them!

Honestly, we never really worried about our favorite lottery’s popularity, or lack thereof. The US Powerball lottery has the biggest starting jackpot of all lotteries, $40 million, and Powerball rollover jumps are never below $10 million. In the last year, maybe even a bit longer, we repeatedly witnessed rollover series that rolled over with consecutive $10 million jumps until the $100 million, sometimes even the $110 million mark. Nothing wrong with that, it can still lead to gigantic jackpots – it just takes a bit longer. The world jackpot record really lifted the US Powerball lottery up, people suddenly pay attention right form the start of the rollover series! Why? Well, for starters because it is worth it! Come on – a $40 million starting jackpot?! Most lotteries don’t even reach jackpots that big after numerous rollovers! OK, we may be a tad bit biased – but we think each and every US Powerball lottery draw should not be missed – by NAY lottery lover! There – we said it 🙂

“Buy your Powerball tickets here – we are selling!”

Every shop wants to sell powerball tickets Shop owners actually receive a reward for selling a winning lottery ticket, did you know that? And it can be a very rewarding experience, too! Why not advertise the fact that you sell Powerball tickets a bit? Nobody gets hurt or offended, and people are interested! People have a new interest in playing the lottery – that is the biggest effect of the Powerball jackpot record! And we are ecstatic about it! Don’t forget to buy your tickets in time, the next draw is on Saturday 30 January – and it offers a juicy $96 million jackpot! SHAZAM! Oh, and good luck!

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