Use Your Powerball Winnings Wise

Marie Holmes… does that name ring a bell? It really should, if you consider yourself to be a genuine fan of the US Powerball lottery! Marie Holmes was one of three winners who shared the biggest lottery jackpot of 2015, the $564 million US Powerball jackpot that was won on 11 February last year. Marie walked away with a $188 million share, of which $127 million was left after she opted for the lump sum payment. After taxes, $88 million remained of her initial Powerball winnings – more than enough to live a very, very prosperous life together with her family. But things aren’t always so easy… It is, however, very easy to play Powerball for the magnificent $189 million jackpot that will be at stake in tomorrow night’s, February 17 draw. You can buy your Powerball tickets online right here! You don’t even have to get up! Go on now, don’t let this jackpot get away!

Powerball Winnings to Bail out the ‘Better Half’

Marie Holmes won $188 million in the Powerball lottery, you can win $189 million on Wednesday 17 February 2016We can think of a whole lot of cool, even cooler and then some more ways to spend $88 million – and we’re pretty sure Marie Holmes can, too But, unfortunately for her, she has to use her money for less cool purposes. So far at least. Marie had to bail her partner, fiancĂ© Lamarr ‘Hot Sauce’ McDow, four times since she won her share of the $564 million Powerball jackpot, back on February 11, 2015. Hot Sauce has regular run ins with the law, but benefits greatly from Marie’s lottery treasure. Because he can’t or won’t obey the rules that come with his parole, his bail is set to a ridiculously high amount every time he’s arrested – as high as $12 million! The law is not our area of expertise, but bail bondsmen have informed us that the non-refundable fee of a bond (or bail) is very rarely higher than 7 percent of the toal bond amount. So the damage for Marie is relatively small in comparison to the enormous bail amounts that we initially assumed she had to pay – around $25 million already! Apparently, she paid bondsmen somewhere between $1.5 and $2 million so far, to bail out her man. While we applaud her loyalty, we hope to see her finding a better purpose for her money real soon! Please, let this not be the fate of a Powerball jackpot winner!

Rank Higher than Marie on the List of Biggest Powerball Winners

Mary Holmes managed to pocket a third of a $564 million jackpot, which is actually $1 million less than the current US Powerball top prize! If you win the biggest jackpot in the world tomorrow night, you are above Marie Holmes and her two fellow jackpot winners in the list of biggest Powerball winners of all times. There are still a couple of people way ahead of you, with our old friend Gloria Mackenzie still leading the pack – her $590.5 million is a bit bigger than the share each of the three winners of the incredible $1.6 billion jackpot took home earlier this year, sized around $530 million. We’re sure nobody will think about that for even a fraction of a second when your Powerball ticket will show the winning numbers after tomorrow night’s draw. We do hope that the future winner will have the opportunity to use his or her Powerball winnings in a better way than to repeatedly bail a spouse, relative or friend out of jail. Fingers crossed!

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