Will Powerball Repeat with a New Record Jackpot?

There were no winning tickets in the latest US Powerball lottery draw. The jackpot rolled over and now stands at $102 million. You could win the jackpot if you play Powerball. Yet, after the Powerball’s recent $758.7 million prize, you may be wondering: will Powerball repeat? Can the jackpot keep rolling over and set a new record?

Everyone is still talking about Mavis Wanczyk, the extremely lucky resident of Massachusetts who was the sole winner of the Powerball draw on August 23rd. She set a new lottery record by winning the highest prize ever awarded to a single ticket.

Will Powerball repeat?

Wanczyk elected to take the lump sum cash payment option and received, after the deduction of taxes, a prize of $336,350,655. That prize is so huge that Wanczyk is now richer than many celebrities.

Wanczyk’s incredible win is no longer being featured in the media that much. The Powerball’s jackpot was reset to a much more modest $40 million and lottery hysteria has subsided. Still, Powerball continues to hold the title of the lottery offering the biggest jackpot in the world.

Will Powerball Repeat?

Until it awarded its $758.7 million prize, Powerball was on a rollover spree that started on June 10th, when Jeff Lindsay from California won a $447.8 million jackpot. There were expectations all over the world that the lottery would soon offer its second-ever billion dollar jackpot. And there was a serious chance that the Powerball jackpot would surpass its own $1.58 billion world-record. Three winning tickets shared that prize in January 2016.

The Powerball jackpot has fallen five times so far in 2017. Two of the prizes were awarded anonymously. The $447.8 million jackpot in June was the Powerball’s 8th biggest jackpot ever. And the $435.3 million jackpot awarded to a single winner in February was the lottery’s 9th highest ever

The Powerball jackpot fell 7 times in 2016, and 12 times in 2015. In October 2015 the Powerball rules changed, making it harder to win the jackpot. This change resulted in the record $1.58 billion jackpot just a few months later.

So, will Powerball repeat its claim to fame? Can it keep rolling and set a new world record for highest jackpot ever? In conclusion, no matter how high the jackpot, it’s worth playing Powerball as there are many amazing secondary prizes as well.

Play the next Powerball draw and win the jackpot!

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