Can You Win Powerball First Time You Play?

Can you win Powerball first time you play? Call it beginners’ luck or whatever you want, but it is possible! Consider these stories of players who scored big wins the first time they bought Powerball lottery tickets.

Frederick Walker of Sanford, Florida, who was days away from celebrating his 19th birthday, was eager to play Powerball when the lottery offered its record $1.58 billion jackpot in January 2016. Like millions of people around the world, that incredible jackpot attracted him to the lottery for the very first time.

“When I heard about the billion dollar Powerball jackpot, I decided to try my luck and buy a ticket,” Walker told the Florida Lottery. “I got to the store, and there was already a completed play slip at the playstation.”

Walker, who said he had never purchased a lottery ticket before, said those pre-selected numbers were as good as any he could have chosen himself, so he purchased the ticket.

Walker’s ticket matched the five main numbers that came up the draw, but didn’t match the Powerball, which would have entitled him to a share of the record jackpot. Still, Walker’s prize was worth a cool $2 million because he had included the Power Play option on his ticket.

“How lucky that the first time I played, I won!” Walked said when he showed up in Tallahassee to claim his prize.

Can You Win Powerball First Time You Play?

Can You Win Powerball First Time You Play?

Here’s another story of a big lottery winner who demonstrated beginners’ luck. Linda Quam, a resident of Washington state, purchased a Powerball ticket for the first time in November 2014 and ended up being the sole winner of a $90 million Powerball jackpot.

Quam and her husband had stopped to buy a newspaper and some pumpkin spice. As they were waiting in the checkout line, they wondered if should buy lottery tickets.

“The cashier was really nice and asked if we wanted to purchase Powerball. I said, ‘Sure!’ I had never purchased a Powerball ticket before,” Quam said.

Although Quam had played scratchcards for quite some time, the Powerball jackpot was quite obviously the biggest prize she had ever won. And this came after she played the lottery for the very first time.

Can you win Powerball first time you play? Buy your Powerball tickets in time for the next draw!


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