Win Powerball Twice in One Draw?

A South Carolina man won the lottery twice in one night. Officials in Columbia said the man bought two identical tickets for the same Palmetto Cash 5 draw on June 17, 2017, and both of them were winners. Instead of winning $200,000, the man won $400,000. What about Powerball? Could you win Powerball twice in one draw?

To play Powerball, all you need to do is choose five numbers from a guess range of 1-69 and an additional Powerball number from a guess range of 1-26. There is nothing to prevent you from selecting identical numbers on more than one ticket. In theory, you could even buy five lines with the exact same numbers.

In its upcoming draw, the Powerball jackpot is $191 million. If you play Powerball this week, and your numbers came up, and no one else selected the winning numbers, you would win the entire jackpot. In a scenario where you had purchased two tickets with the exact same winning number combination, you would still win the same amount – $191 million. Imagine a situation when you purchased five tickets with the exact same numbers selected in the draw. With no other winners, you would still win $191 million, but nothing more.

But what if there were additional winners? If you purchase one ticket with the winning numbers and there is one additional player with a winning ticket, you would split the jackpot 50-50. Each of the winning tickets would be worth $95.5 million. If you had two tickets with the winning numbers and there was one other winning ticket, you would win 2/3 of the jackpot and the other winner would receive the remaining 1/3. All of this is theoretical, of course, as the odds of your winning the Powerball are extremely low.

Win Powerball Twice – It Is Possible

When would it really be worth your while to purchase two Powerball tickets with the same numbers? In Powerball draws, a $1 million prize is awarded to players who successfully match the five main numbers but not the Powerball number. Imagine a case when you have two such winning tickets. Instead of $1 million, you would receive $2 million. This prize would be double if you had included the Power Play option when you purchased your tickets.

Can you purchase two tickets with the exact same numbers in any lottery? If you are purchasing tickets online for the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery, you will not be able to do this. In fact, you will get an error message that says, “You have already made this selection in another line. Please choose other numbers.”

Has anyone managed to win Powerball twice in one draw? Winning the Powerball jackpot twice in one draw is theoretically possible, but no one has ever accomplished this feat. One lucky man in South Africa managed to win the South African Powerball twice in the same draw with two different tickets purchased from two different stores. While this winner was certainly incredible lucky, we are still waiting for the first double US Powerball winner in the same draw.

Back to that lucky player from South Carolina who won a huge lottery prize twice in one draw. According to media reports, “The odds of winning $200,000 playing Palmetto Cash 5 are 1 in 1,003,884. The odds of winning it twice in the same night are really lucky.”

You would be really lucky indeed to win Powerball twice. Play Powerball this week for a chance to win the $191 million jackpot!

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