Win US Powerball

If you want to win US Powerball, or at least try, you will have to know how to play. This is a very basic process and you can read all about it in the How to Play section.
Once you have mastered the way to play the US Powerball lottery, you can start to think of how to win the US Powerball – the jackpot or prizes in one of the other eight prize categories the lottery offers. One way to try and win US Powerball is to define your lucky numbers using numerology, a system that has worked for some winners in the past. The basic premise of numerology is that some numbers are more auspicious, luck, than others. By using numerology some believe that it is possible to divine which numbers these are. Once you’ve got your lucky numbers you can play them for yourself, and hopefully win!


Powerball Number Statistics

Another way to play to win US Powerball is to look at statistics from past draws. Unlike numerology, statistics does not assume that some numbers are lucky or auspicious while others are not. Powerball players who have used statistics to win US Powerball use the information from past draws to make conclusions about which numbers are best to play. Some statisticians believe that ‘hot numbers’ are best to play. ‘Hot numbers’ are numbers that have been drawn more than usual in recent draws. The thinking is that these numbers are hot and are more likely to appear again. The opposite of the hot number strategy is the ‘cold number’ or ‘due number’ strategy. These are numbers that have not been chosen very often and therefore are due.

Take a look at the results for the five regular numbers and the Powerball numbers, draw your own conclusions from what you see and pick your set numbers that you believe will win.
If this sounds like a lot of work to you, without any guarantees that it will actually lead to better chances to win the Powerball jackpot or one of the many great secondary prizes, then you can choose to have your lucky numbers randomly picked by the Quick Pick system. The Quick Pick option is available on the US Powerball Play form and it only takes a second to activate this option!
Once again – good luck!