World’s Top Lottery Forced in Underdog Role

It is a little weird to look at the ranking of the biggest lottery jackpots in the world and not see the US Powerball (the world’s top lottery) jackpot at the top of the list. Obviously, it is not possible to be at the top of the list all the time, but US Powerball did make the effort to stay in the leading position for an amazing amount of time, so far this year! Currently, the Mega Millions lottery is in the lead and when the jackpot will continue to roll over like it has for 27 times already, it will take a while before the Powerball jackpot will be able to catch up. Meanwhile, the Powerball jackpot itself is amidst another impressive rollover run that has lifted the jackpot to a current score of $153 million! If you’re excited about this jackpot, you should definitely play Powerball on Wednesday night! This jackpot could be yours!

World’s Top Lottery Cannot be Top Always

World's Top Lottery Forced in Underdog Role‘You gotta go through lows to appreciate the highs’ – remember that saying? For US Powerball, the lowest is $40 million – which is a hell of a lot higher than what most other lotteries reach, ever! In 2016, there haven’t been many lows for US Powerball. Actually, the current $153 million jackpot, would be the lowest this year! You can consider the fact that US Powerball is not in a dominant position a bit of a low – but in all fairness: it is not much of a low. We’ll just be patient and watch the Mega Millions jackpot as it is on the way to somebody’s bank account. Until that time, we’ll comfortably enjoy our underdog position!

US Lotteries Flying High

The two biggest US lotteries are battling it out on the lottery ‘field’ once again. This type of rivalry keeps the scene healthy, provided it is not going to be the same lottery at the top all the time. A little variety is the spice of life, so to speak. And it goes a long way, too! Maybe not $293 million, but $153 million for sure. Break a leg and win that jackpot!

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