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Powerball is America's biggest, most exciting, and most popular lottery. This incredible lottery is offered in 44 states, the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands. American Powerball is also played by thousands of lottery players worldwide who are drawn to the game's legendary jackpots. Today, Powerball is most famous for its January 2016 record $1.59 billion jackpot. Its starting jackpot is $40 million and has no cap. Drawings take place Wednesdays and Saturdays, giving players two chances per week to win what is usually the world's largest jackpot!

*** BREAKING NEWS *** US Powerball rose to $100 million on the strength of its latest rollover. This jackpot has left the station, destination unknown, but it could be an absolute record breaker. US Powerball's current jackpot is enough to make it the world's largest! Which is exactly what we'd expect from Powerball. While this jackpot might not currently rank amongst Powerball's highest, it is still quite a lot of money, to be sure. Can you imagine someone turning down $100 million? No! Of course, if you want to cash a giant check of your own you need to take action and strong>play US Powerball now! The next drawing is Wednesday 26 April 2017!

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Four of the Youngest Powerball Winners Ever

Four of the Youngest Powerball Winners Ever

The US Powerball attracts lottery fans, young and old, and this week’s $100 million jackpot is a perfect reason to play the Powerball. Winning the lottery would make your dreams come true, no matter how old you are. Amazingly some Powerball players were very young when they won the lottery. And possibly because of theirContinue Reading

Win the Lotto 3 Times? Sure, but You Need to Play!

US Powerball recently had its first rollover and rose to an impressive $50 million after being won on 1 April by a single ticket holder from Arizona. Given the date, do you think anyone believes the winner’s story? What would you think if someone told you they won the lottery on April Fool’s day? SpeakingContinue Reading