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The US Powerball lottery is the TOP lottery in the world. On January 13 2016, this incredibly popular American lottery set a new world record for the biggest jackpot of all times, with three winners sharing the $1.6 billion jackpot! The first billion dollar jackpot ever! It holds many more top ten positions on the list of the biggest lottery jackpots in history - worldwide! Its easy format, used in numerous other Powerball lotteries across the globe, and its incredible jackpot prizes make this American lottery a favorite everywhere! Powerball fans worldwide, take a shot at winning the US Powerball jackpot, a bona fide millionaire maker!

*** NEWS *** Moving swiftly towards the 9-digit jackpot amount after yet another rollover in Wednesday night's May 25 draw, the US Powerball jackpot now offers a brilliant $90 million top prize in the next draw, set to take place on Saturday 28 May. Opportunity's knocking - make this your lucky weekend!

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Powerball Power Play Feature: Boost Your Wins!

Powerball Power Play Feature: Boost Your Wins!

If you’re a hockey fan (icehockey, that is), you are more than likely well-informed about the concept of power play. A player makes a foul and gets send to the bench for two minutes, which automatically means that the other team (provided they don’t have a player in the penalty bench at that moment) getsContinue Reading

$60M Powerball Jackpot Prize Up For Grabs

$60M Powerball Jackpot Prize Up For Grabs

US Powerball fans have been spoiled rotten so far in 2016. More than TWO BILLION American dollars in jackpot prizes alone have been won already. With that number in mind, some people may think of this Tuesday’s US Powerball jackpot prize as chump change. We can assure you it’s not – not by any means.Continue Reading