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The US Powerball lottery is the TOP lottery in the world. On January 13, 2016 this incredibly popular American lottery set a new world record for the biggest jackpot of all times with three winners sharing the $1.6 billion jackpot! The first billion-dollar jackpot ever! It holds many more top ten positions on the list of the biggest lottery jackpots in history - worldwide! Its easy format, used in numerous other Powerball lotteries across the globe, and its incredible jackpot prizes make this American lottery a favorite everywhere! Powerball fans worldwide, take a shot at winning the US Powerball jackpot, a bona fide millionaire maker!

*** BREAKING NEWS *** The US Powerball jackpot has rolled over and now stands at $54 million! Every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Except in this case we're not sure if the journey will end with a record breaking jackpot or on the next draw. Which means, play US Powerball now for the next drawing which is Saturday 03 December! Because $54 million is better than $40 million and life with $54 million in the bank is going to be A-okay!

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US Powerball Rockets to $403 Million!

US Powerball Rockets to $403 Million!

The US Powerball jackpot has rocketed to an unbelievable $403 million making it the bright star at the center of the lottery solar system. Indeed, other jackpots seem like cold, distant planets devoid of light or life when compared to Powerball’s blazing energy. The lucky winner of Powerball’s stellar $403 million jackpot will have theContinue Reading

US Powerball Soars to $320 Million

The world has been waiting for the US Powerball to pass the $300 million mark, but no one saw this coming! $320 million jackpot is on the line this Saturday, a whopping jump of $27 million, and it can be yours! Play Powerball online now – click here! How to Spend $1 Million Winning theContinue Reading