How to Increase Powerball Odds of Winning

Increase your Powerball odds of winning
Think all Powerball entries have equal winning odds? Think again! There are legal, mathematically proven ways that you can increase your Powerball odds of winning and give you an advantage when it comes to winning a Powerball jackpot. Knowing how to boost your Powerball odds will help you as you play to win the world’s most exciting lottery. Read on, learn these helpful odds boosting strategies, play Powerball, and check the Powerball results. We hope you’ll be happy!

Increase Powerball Odds of Winning With Syndicates

If you want to give your Powerball lotto odds the biggest boost possible, you’ll want to join a Powerball syndicate. Syndicates are multi-line entries shared by a group. Each member of the syndicate owns an amount of shares and is entitled to any winnings commensurate with their share ownership.

For example, say you own one share of a 100-line syndicate. For the price of a one-line Powerball entry, you get to play with the odds of 100 lines! That’s an enormous boost! However, if you’re syndicate wins $100,000 , you will receive only $1,000. But, with 10 shares you’ll receive $10,000 and so on.

The biggest Powerball syndicate winners have won huge jackpots and made millionaires of everyone in the syndicate. The lesson being; syndicates certainly boost odds and with jackpots as high as Powerball’s there’s plenty to go around!

Lottery messenger service offers Powerball syndicate entries to its online players. Simply choose how many shares you’d like and make your purchase, it’s that easy. Whether you’re playing US Powerball internationally, or simply don’t want to go through the trouble of organizing your own syndicate, theLotter’s Powerball syndicates are convenient, secure, and of course, a huge boost to your winning odds!

Bump Powerball Odds of Winning With Systematic Forms

Play Powerball systematic forms to increase your winnings
Systematic forms are a way to clean up the prize categories if you happen to have a winning number. To play a systematic entry, make a number selection that is larger than what can fit on one line on the play slip. For Powerball, you would select a 6 number entry for the 5 main numbers. Obviously, you’ve got an extra number left over, so how does this work? You are going to play every possible combination of your selection on the Powerball slip. With a 6 number selection you’ll play 6 lines total. The larger your number selection, the more lines you’ll play.

If you happen to match 4 out of 5 numbers correctly with a systematic entry to win Powerball’s 4th prize, you will also have matched prizes in lower categories. Check out the Powerball prizes and you’ll see that the secondary prizes can add up to some major cash!

With a systematic entry, you get an odds boost because you’re playing Powerball with more lines for each entry. Play six lines and boost your winning odds six times! See the table below to see the relationship between numbers selected and lines played in a systematic form.

6 Numbers = 6 Lines
7 Numbers = 21 Lines
8 Numbers = 56 Lines
9 Numbers = 126 Lines
10 Numbers = 252 Lines

Don’t Miss a Draw

Your odds of winning are 0% if you don’t play. Play every draw to boost your Powerball lotto odds and ensure that you always have a chance to win big. There are several ways to ensure that you participate in every draw. One is to physically go to the store and buy a ticket before every draw.

But, what if you don’t live in the United States or don’t want to waste time at the store twice a week? Fortunately, it’s possible to play US Powerball online with a subscription at Play Powerball online with a subscription to ensure your participation in every draw and receive every 10th ticket free.

In addition to subscriptions, theLotter also offers Multi-Draw packs that will ensure your participation in a set number of draws. See the table below for the Multi-Draw options and savings.

5 Draws 10 Draws 15 Draws 25 Draws 52 Draws
15% 20% 21.5% 22.5% 25%

If you buy 52 draws and save 25% on the ticket price you’re getting every 4th ticket free! Talk about a win-win!

If you think it’s OK to miss a draw now and then, well, consider the case of one of the biggest Powerball winners, Gloria Mackenzie. The 84 year old McKenzie won her $590.5 million jackpot because a Good Samaritan let her cut in line at the grocery store. McKenzie purchased the winning ticket using quick pick, the same method that the kind stranger used when purchasing their Powerball ticket. By letting McKenzie cut in line, the kind stranger inadvertently gave up her winning ticket! You never know when you’re going to be lucky which is why you don’t want to miss what might be your winning draw!