Increase Powerball Odds

Surely you have heard the expression ‘one in a million’ – maybe you’re even married to a person that fits this description! While the widely coveted US Powerball jackpot is won on a regular basis, chances to win the jackpot are relatively small. One in a million, while not completely accurate, is a fitting description. Still, people do win huge Powerball lottery jackpots all the time, and it can happen to you too! There is a way to increase your Powerball winning odds! Does the term ‘lottery syndicate’ ring a bell? A lottery syndicate is basically a group of players that buy a lot of lottery tickets together, which raises their chances of winning the jackpot or any other prize. Because costs are shared, buying shares in a syndicate does not require a large investment. Unless of course you want to buy a whole lot of shares yourself. But usually, this is not the case.

Powerball syndicates sound great – is there a catch?

Play in a US Powerball lottery syndicate
No, there really is no catch. You play as a group, and naturally you also share the prize(s) as a group, relatively to the amount of shares each group member purchased. An example will explain the way it works: say there is the option to participate in a 200 lines US Powerball syndicate (which means 200 tickets). The syndicate is divided in 150 shares, of which you buy 2. The syndicate wins the $60 million jackpot prize, which is then equally divided over the 150 shares. Your share of the jackpot prize would be:

($60,000,00 / 150) * 2 = $800,000

Not bad for about a minute’s work, right?

One in three jackpots won by syndicates
It may be a surprising fact, but lottery syndicates are rather successful, and therefore also quite popular! In august 2013, a syndicate called ‘Ocean’s 16’, hailing from New Jersey, was won of three winners of a magnificent US Powerball jackpot prize, worth $448 million!

You don’t have to create your own US Powerball syndicate, we’re gladly saving you the hassle of doing that – and believe us when we say it is a hassle! We’re setting up the Powerball syndicates for you, and all you have to do is select the number of shares you want to buy!

Increase your odds and take a shot in a US Powerball lottery syndicate today!