Playing Powerball with a Discount

Playing Powerball is easy, we told you already. But there’s more! There are also ways to save money when playing for the big jackpots in this American powerhouse lottery! Read on as we’ll tell you exactly how things work and how you can save a buck while trying to make a whole lotta bucks!

Buy One Get One FREE!

Yes, you read it right – once you decided to play, you’re up for your first victory: you are entitled to a FREE ticket with your very first purchase! You will receive this free ticket in the form of the monetary value of the first ticket you bought, which will be transferred directly to your account. This special offer is also referred to as the 100% cashback offer.
US Powerball Buy One Get One FREE

Play Powerball together – US Powerball Syndicates

Tickets for the US Powerball lottery are not super-expensive, but how many tickets could you buy yourself, realistically speaking? Ten, twenty, maybe hundred? We don’t really see it happening, to be honest. However, there is a way that it CAN happen! If you join a US Powerball Syndicate, You’ll play together when a group of other players. As a group, you’ll purchase a bundle of Powerball tickets, which will considerably raise the odds of winning, for you and all the other syndicate members! The whole process of playing Powerball together is explained in the section about US Powerball Syndicates.
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Powerball Multi-Draw Package

If you want to make sure you never miss a Powerball draw – and we can imagine you would want to prevent missing draws with a minimum jackpot of $40 million – you have the option to purchase tickets for a predefined number of consecutive draws. You pick your numbers once and play in every draw that is part of your multi-draw package with those exact numbers. Depending on the package, you save up to 25% on the regular ticket costs!

Powerball Subscription

Another option to play in a series of draws is with a subscription. A subscription runs until the moment you cancel it. With a subscription, you dio have the option to change your set of numbers in between draws. With a subscription, you receive every 10th ticket for free. On top of that, you receive 25 VIP points that will help you to improve your VIP status.
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Any of these US Powerball discount options we offer you here at caught your attention? Let us know in case you have a question about these special offers!