How to Play and Win New Zealand Powerball

Play New Zealand Powerball Online
New Zealand Powerball, along with South Africa Powerball and Australia Powerball, take the excitement of US Powerball and add a local twist. New Zealand Powerball is available to players in New Zealand looking for big jackpots, loads of secondary prizes, and fantastically good winning odds. New Zealand Powerball is also available to players around the world, online, via a lottery messenger service.

Play New Zealand Powerball online from anywhere in the world.

How to Play New Zealand Powerball

If you know how to play US Powerball you’ll be familiar with how to play New Zealand Powerball ; players choose six main numbers from a guess range of 1 – 40 and the Powerball from a separate guess range of 1 – 10. Serious Powerball fans will notice that New Zealand Powerball is the only game in the Powerball family with six main numbers instead of five. New Zealand Powerball also features a bonus ball used for awarding and boosting secondary prizes.
The New Zealand Powerball minimum jackpot is NZ$5 million and is capped at NZ$50 million. If the jackpot reaches the NZ$50 million cap a ‘Must be Won’ draw occurs in which either the jackpot is won, or it is added to the next highest winning prize category to be split among the winners in that category.
New Zealand Powerball draws take place twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday giving players plenty of chances to win a prize.

Winning the New Zealand Powerball

A player must correctly match all six main numbers plus the Powerball to win New Zealand Powerball. There are also secondary prizes for matching the bonus ball.
If you check the US Powerball results, you will see that the jackpots and second prizes are usually bigger in US Powerball. However, New Zealand Powerball offers incredible winning odds and a whopping 14 prize categories in total.

Play New Zealand Powerball Online

Playing New Zealand Powerball online is legal, convenient, and fun! Simply go choose your numbers online, just like you would in person except with a mouse instead of a pen, and a lottery ticket messenger service buys a physical ticket that matches your online entry. The messenger service scans and uploads your ticket to your account and keeps the actual ticket in a safe in case it’s a winner. Try it! Play New Zealand Powerball online today!