How to Play and Win South Africa Powerball

Play Powerball South Africa Online
South Africa Powerball takes the ‘secret sauce’ of US Powerball and uses it to offer huge jackpots and exciting secondary prizes to South Africans and online players from all over the world. South Africa Powerball is not alone in taking some cues from US Powerball; Australia Powerball and New Zealand Powerball are the other two members of the international Powerball family inspired by US Powerball. All South Africa Powerball prizes are paid out tax-free.
Powerball South Africa’s first draw was in October, 2009. The highest jackpot in the game’s history ever awarded was R91,068,427, given to one lucky winning ticket holder on 12 February 2010.
The National Lottery in South Africa offers Powerball South Africa. Since 1 June 2015, Ithuba has been the official operator of The National Lottery in South Africa.

Play South Africa Powerball online from anywhere in the world.

How to Play South Africa Powerball

To play South Africa Powerball a player must select five numbers from a guess range of 1 – 45. A player must also select an additional number from a separate guess range, the Powerball, from 1 – 20.
US Powerball has a similar play procedure. However, US Powerball’s five main numbers are from a range of 1 – 69 and the Powerball is chosen from a range of 1 – 26. All things considered, US Powerball is harder to win but has higher jackpots.
Drawings take place twice weekly, on Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 local time. Purchase your tickets in person in South Africa or online from anywhere in the world.

Winning South Africa Powerball

Select all five main numbers and the additional Powerball and you’re a South Africa Powerball winner! That is all there is to it! Beginning jackpots are R3 million and have no caps or rollover limits. There are nine prize categories in total, including the jackpot. All prizes are paid out tax free in South Africa.

Play South Africa Powerball Online

Play South Africa Powerball online, legally, with an actual, physical lottery ticket. Playing online with a lottery messenger service is just like playing in person, except with a mouse and screen instead of a pen and paper. After a player chooses their entry online, the messenger service buys a physical ticket from a licensed retailer on behalf of the player. Go ahead and try for yourself! Play South Africa Powerball online now!