The Top 10 Biggest Powerball Winners

Why do people from all over the world want to play US Powerball? For the jackpots, of course! When people dream about winning the lottery they dream big and there isn’t a bigger game than US Powerball. Here are the top ten, biggest Powerball jackpot winners in history. Of course, if you want to add your name to this list you’ll have to choose your Powerball numbers and play Powerball online for yourself!

1) $1.6 billion – January 13, 2016

Powerball's biggest winners won huge
The world watched with baited breath as the Powerball jackpot climbed higher and higher, shattering previous prize records along the way. When the jackpot finally fell after setting a sky-high new record there were three winning tickets: Mae and Marvin Acosta from Chino Hills, California; John and Lisa Robinson of Munford, Tennessee; and Maureen Smith, a 70-year-old from Melbourne Beach, Florida.

The Robinsons made an appearance on NBC’s Today show before collecting their prize. They elected to take their share of the jackpot, $528.8 million, in one lump-sum payment of $327.8 million instead of the annuity option.

Smith revealed to the Florida Lottery that she’d been playing the lottery for years with the same six numbers. It looks like they paid off big time!

The Acostos declined all media interviews and requests. They waited six months to collect their prize and met with a team of advisors in the meantime. A savvy strategy for anyone who happens to win a prize of this amount.

2) $758.7 million – August 23, 2017

In winning Powerball’s second largest jackpot, Mavis Wanczyk became the largest single winner of a jackpot in history. The 53-year old from Chicopee, Massachusetts claimed her prize the next day after the Powerball results were announced and took home a cash lump sum of $480.5 million. Wanczyk, a mother of two, was a long-time healthcare worker in a local hospital. When asked about her immediate plans she responded:

“I just want to sit back and relax,” Wanczyk said. “I had a pipe dream, and my pipe dream has finally come true. I wanted to retire and it came early.”

Needless to say, with that kind of money in the bank Wanczyk can spend her retirement however she pleases!

3) $590.5 million – May 18, 2013

Gloria Mackenzie of Florida is probably more famous for how she won her jackpot than the fact that she was the sole winner of a huge $590.5 million Powerball jackpot. While waiting in line at the grocery store, another patron was kind enough to let the 84 year old Mackenzie cut in front of her. Mackenzie’s winning quick pick ticket would have therefore gone to kindly stranger who gave up her place in line, as she also purchased a quick pick Powerball ticket. It’s fair to say that that’s a mistake you’ll only make once in life! For everyone else, why bother with lines when you can play Powerball online!

4) $587.5 million November 28, 2012

Matthew Good of Arizona and Cindy and Mark Hill of Missouri split the jackpot.

5) $564 million – February 11, 2015

Marie Holmes of North Carolina; Andrew Weber, who claimed it on behalf of a trust in Texas; and an anonymous player in Puerto Rico were the winners in this three way split. Unfortunately, Marie Holmes went on to make headlines for continuously bailing out her drug-dealing boyfriend, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. The last we heard, she was seeking help to turn her life around and come to terms with her incredible wealth. We wish her the best of luck!

6) $487 million – July 30, 2016

One winning ticket sold in New Hampshire took the prize.

7) $448.4 million – August 7, 2013

The biggest Powerball winners includes the Ocean's 16 Powerball Syndicate.
Three winning tickets — a project engineer in Minnesota, a 70-year-old man in New Jersey, and the famous Ocean’s 16 syndicate split this enormous jackpot. The Ocean’s 16 syndicate was a group of sixteen public employees of the Ocean County, New Jersey department of transportation who formed a Powerball syndicate. Superstorm Sandy had also affected them all the previous year. While syndicates are fun and social, as well as a great way to boost winning odds, they can also win huge prizes! The Ocean’s 16 syndicate took their share of the prize as a cash lump sum and walked away with $86 million. They are also one of the largest syndicate winners of all time.

8) $447.8 million – June 10, 2017

Jeff Lindsay of California, who bought his Powerball ticket with the funds from a winning scratch ticket.

9) $435 million – February 22, 2017

An anonymous ticket holder in Indiana claimed this massive jackpot.

10) $429.6 million – May 7, 2016

One lucky jackpot winner from New Jersey took home the entire prize.


The top ten Powerball winners have won staggering amounts of money. Reading these incredible stories, it’s easy to day dream about the good life of a Powerball jackpot winner. Hey, day dreams are nice but there’s something you can do to make your dreams a reality: play Powerball online, today!