Can You Win Powerball First Time You Play?

Can you win Powerball first time you play? Call it beginners’ luck or whatever you want, but it is possible! Consider these stories of players who scored big wins the first time they bought Powerball lottery tickets.

Frederick Walker of Sanford, Florida, who was days away from celebrating his 19th birthday, was eager to play Powerball when the lottery offered its record $1.58 billion jackpot in January 2016. Like millions of people around the world, that incredible jackpot attracted him to the lottery for the very first time.

“When I heard about the billion dollar Powerball jackpot, I decided to try my luck and buy a ticket,” Walker told the Florida Lottery. “I got to the store, and there was already a completed play slip at the playstation.”

Walker, who said he had never purchased a lottery ticket before, said those pre-selected numbers were as good as any he could have chosen himself, so he purchased the ticket.

Walker’s ticket matched the five main numbers that came up the draw, but didn’t match the Powerball, which would have entitled him to a share of the record jackpot. Still, Walker’s prize was worth a cool $2 million because he had included the Power Play option on his ticket.

“How lucky that the first time I played, I won!” Walked said when he showed up in Tallahassee to claim his prize.

Can You Win Powerball First Time You Play?

Can You Win Powerball First Time You Play?

Here’s another story of a big lottery winner who demonstrated beginners’ luck. Linda Quam, a resident of Washington state, purchased a Powerball ticket for the first time in November 2014 and ended up being the sole winner of a $90 million Powerball jackpot.

Quam and her husband had stopped to buy a newspaper and some pumpkin spice. As they were waiting in the checkout line, they wondered if should buy lottery tickets.

“The cashier was really nice and asked if we wanted to purchase Powerball. I said, ‘Sure!’ I had never purchased a Powerball ticket before,” Quam said.

Although Quam had played scratchcards for quite some time, the Powerball jackpot was quite obviously the biggest prize she had ever won. And this came after she played the lottery for the very first time.

Can you win Powerball first time you play? Buy your Powerball tickets in time for the next draw!


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Powerball Rollover Run Ready to Turn Epic

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Unclaimed Powerball Ticket Expires in Wisconsin

Everyone wants to become a Powerball millionaire, but apparently buying the ticket is just half the battle. To really win, you have to keep the ticket safe and check your results. One unclaimed Powerball ticket in Wisconsin was seemingly abandoned and its $1 million prize has just expired. Don’t let this tragedy happen to you!Continue Reading

Why Lottery Winners Should Choose Annuity

More US Powerball jackpot winners have failed to claim their prizes over the past five years than have chosen the annuity option. Two prizes — a $50 million prize in 2013 and a $77 million prize in 2011 — have gone unclaimed, whilst only Vinh Nguyen opted for annuity payments in September 2014. Why doContinue Reading

A Different Way to Pick Your Powerball Numbers

Two weeks after a lucky Pennsylvania resident won the $292 jackpot, the Powerball lottery is back on the rise again! Standing at $70 million this Wednesday, March 16, the Powerball jackpot is once again the biggest in the world! This week, in celebration of Pi Day, we’ll excuse you from the difficult task of choosingContinue Reading

Judge Wins Powerball Jackpot on Vacation

Ah, vacations. A time to escape from the daily grind and relax at the beach. Watch the sunset every day with a cocktail in hand and play the lottery. Play the lottery on vacation? Of course! One man turned his vacation into a life-changing event with a single Powerball ticket purchase. Charge: Winning it allContinue Reading

Get Ready for Powerball March Madness 2016

The Super Bowl is over and done with in the US. Now it’s time for college basketball March Madness mania! March Madness is a single-elimination tournament that decides which team is the NCAA Division I college basketball champion. Last year, Duke took the main prize but it’s any team’s game this year. We here atContinue Reading

Secondary Powerball Prizes Create Millionaires

The Powerball jackpot keeps climbing, but people all across America are still becoming Powerball millionaires. How could that be possible? By matching the five main numbers and taking home the incredible $1 million second prize, of course! As much as we love the Powerball billions, it’s not all about the jackpot – secondary Powerball prizesContinue Reading

Use Your Powerball Winnings Wise

Marie Holmes… does that name ring a bell? It really should, if you consider yourself to be a genuine fan of the US Powerball lottery! Marie Holmes was one of three winners who shared the biggest lottery jackpot of 2015, the $564 million US Powerball jackpot that was won on 11 February last year. MarieContinue Reading

Billion-Dollar Powerball Winners Sued by Ex-Con

Great fortune can sometimes be a source of great misfortune. Lottery winners often attract negative attention after their wins are publicised; the bigger the prize, the crazier the stories seem to get. The Robinsons, who were the first people to claim a share of the world record $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot last month, are learningContinue Reading

Powerball Ticket Error Results in Jackpot Win

The recent Powerball jackpot race that will go down in history as the first rollover series that lead us to a lottery jackpot exceeding the amount of a billion dollar, resulted in a Black Friday-like lottery frenzy, with sometimes unexpected results. Read the story of a Powerball ticket purchase gone wrong, ending with a jackpotContinue Reading

Powerball Rollover Jumps Show Revived Popularity

With the recent world jackpot record still on our minds as if it happened yesterday, we are well on the way to the next 9 digit US Powerball jackpot! After only the fourth consecutive Powerball rollover, the jackpot of all jackpots already reached the stunning amount of $96 million! Talk about momentum! How does winningContinue Reading

Powerball Record Jackpot Causes Massive Uproar

My oh my, have we been extremely busy the past week! And what a week it has been – in-cre-di-ble!!! We are looking at a $1.5 BILLION Powerball jackpot right now, for the upcoming Wednesday night draw. No way of saying this will be the amount at stake tomorrow night, or that the jackpot willContinue Reading

Join a Powerball Syndicate & Win $400 Million

Welcome to 2016, everyone! US Powerball has given us all a brilliant start to the new year: a chance to win $400 million. But why stop yourself at one chance when you could join a Powerball syndicate and get 765 chances to win big! What is a Powerball syndicate and why should you join? AContinue Reading

Have Yourself a Powerball New Year!

While we are really too busy with the preparations of tonight’s New Year’s celebration, we understand that it is our formal duty to keep the many fans of the US Powerball lottery up to date on what’s happening with the world’s biggest jackpot today. Well, here you go: the jackpot rolled over again last night,Continue Reading

Play Powerball Online You Must

Don’t worry: No Star Wars spoilers in this entry, just good clean Powerball fun – exactly what you’ll get when you play Powerball online! After weeks and weeks of rollovers, US Powerball is featuring an out of this world jackpot. Get your tickets for the chance to win $227 million this Wednesday. With top notchContinue Reading

Iraqi Player Wins US Lottery Jackpot – So Can You!

The media was buzzing when the news came in from Oregon… a man from Iraq won the $6.4 million Oregon Megabucks jackpot by playing lottery overseas. He hadn’t even stepped foot in the US to purchase the ticket, so how could this have happened? The winner from across the globe The winner has been allowedContinue Reading

Anonymous Powerball Winner Claims Prize

On 4 November, a lucky winner from Tennessee won the $144.1 million Powerball jackpot. For nearly a month, people waited to hear news of the winner’s identity. Last week, the mask came off and the winner was revealed… well, sort of. Anonymous Powerball winner trusts no one We kid, we kid. The staff at us-powerball.comContinue Reading

The Powerball Power Play Multiplies Fortune

This isn’t the first time we here at have mentioned the Powerball Power Play and it probably won’t be the last. The Power Play is an important addition that any lottery player needs to have in their Powerball arsenal. Don’t purchase your Powerball tickets without it! What is the Powerball Power Play The PowerContinue Reading

Are You the Next Powerball Champion of the World?

Undefeated. Unbeatable. Unstoppable. Yes, this certainly describes the newly-retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr., but we could easily be discussing American lotteries like Powerball as well. Welterweight, featherweight or heavyweight, now is the time for you to shine and become the next Powerball champion of the world. A billion-dollar lottery for a billion-dollar boxer MayweatherContinue Reading

Somewhere Out There Is a New $144 Million Powerball Winner

On 4 November, Powerball announced its winning numbers: 2, 12, 17, 20, 65 and Powerball 17. A single ticket sold in Tennessee matched all the numbers for a total jackpot prize of $144.1 million. The newest Powerball winner has yet to come forward. What is going on in their head? What should they be doingContinue Reading

Why We Love Playing Powerball

Powerball’s popularity has only increased over the years with millions of tickets sold every week. What accounts for the world’s love affair with playing Powerball? Playing Powerball keeps our dreams alive Winning a jackpot is on many people’s wish lists and one of people’s favourite pastimes is daydreaming about what they’d do with an extraContinue Reading

What Do Powerball and the Rugby World Cup Have in Common?

On 31 October, the New Zealand and Australia rugby teams will go head-to-head at Twickenham Stadium, London. A lot more than your average trick-or-treat will be riding on this Halloween night game — which team will go home with the Rugby World Cup in hand? You may be wondering what rugby has to do withContinue Reading

US Lotteries Are Back on the Leaderboard

If you keep up with global lottery news, you might have noticed that European lotteries were having a rare power surge over US games the past few weeks. The European domination is finally over and US lotteries are back on top of the lottery leaderboard! US Powerball jackpot rolls over to $90 million Rollin’, rollin’,Continue Reading

Your Guide to the New Powerball Rules

Last Saturday’s draw was the first time we could visibly see the new Powerball rules in action. While they were implemented in time for the 7 October draw, that draw’s winning numbers were within the old range. So if you were caught by surprise when the 10 October winning numbers — 12, 27, 29, 43,Continue Reading

Michigan Powerball Winner Pockets $310.5 Million

After weeks and weeks of rollovers, the $310.5 million Powerball jackpot finally fell on 30 September. The winner just came forward and we here at have all the details on this amazing lottery millionaire. From Factory to Fortune Julie Leach, 50, from Three Rivers, Michigan came forward this week to claim her winnings. WhatContinue Reading

Join the Biggest Powerball Millionaires

Really? Is the US Powerball jackpot that big? Well, there have been bigger Powerball jackpots in the past – sure. But the $267 million prize that awaits the winner in the upcoming draw (tonight!) is definitely up there! It is the second biggest jackpot of the year, after the $564 million that was shared byContinue Reading

US Powerball Main Prize Continues Climb

It’s been four weeks since some lucky fellow put his hands on the US Powerball’s winning numbers and collected a hefty sum. But this ‘losing streak’, or maybe we should should just call it ‘jackpot rollover run’, comes with some exciting news – the updated Powerball main prize is now set to $120 million! PlayersContinue Reading

Full Throttle Towards More Powerball Millions

Yes! We left the $100 million for what it is! The US Powerball lottery jackpot draw of last Wednesday evening resulted in another rollover, the 7th consecutive one, which means the jackpot jumped to $110 million for tomorrow night’s draw (Saturday 29 August). Currently, the US Powerball jackpot is the biggest lottery jackpot in theContinue Reading

Shake the Money Tree: Play US Powerball

In case you missed it: the jackpot in the US Powerball lottery has jumped with another $10 million last Wednesday, to land at a more than respectable $90 million score! And tomorrow night you’ll have the opportunity to play for the biggest jackpot prize that is currently available in the world! Give in to theContinue Reading

New US Powerball Rules Will Boost Jackpots

The US Powerball lottery has announced that there will be changes in the lottery rules, which will be implemented early October and effective starting the US Powerball draw on October 7. The new Powerball rules are sure to receive a warm welcome from the lovers of big jackpots – they are especially created to giveContinue Reading

Hunt for the US Powerball Jackpot!

There has been major uproar about the recent killing of Cecil, the male lion of Zimbabwean descent, and Walter Palmer, the American dentist from Minnesota who’s responsible for killing Cecil, has not had the most pleasant of times this last couple of weeks. We at are mere bystanders in this whole tragic series ofContinue Reading

Pick your US Powerball winning numbers!

Good news for the many, many British fans of the mighty American Powerball lottery: the jackpot rolled over for the sixth successive time and has now reached a jackpot amount that consists of nine figures! Yes, you have the chance to win $100 million this coming Wednesday! How is that for a bit of mid-weekContinue Reading

Powerball Jackpot World Lottery Leader

There you have it – US Powerball, the US lottery that all of us love with a passion, is back in first place on the list of international lotteries with the biggest jackpots in the world. Currently at $90 million, this main prize doesn’t break any records… yet. First thing’s first: Saturday’s upcoming Powerball drawContinue Reading

Chris Rock’s Soon-to-be Ex-Wife Wants US Powerball Jackpot

$70 million. That is how much the US Powerball jackpot is currently worth. That is also the amount Malaak Compton-Rock, Chris Rock’s soon to be ex-wife, is demanding in a massive divorce settlement. The couple, who have been married for two decades and have two children together, Lola Simone and Zahra, initially had a prenuptial agreement,Continue Reading

NFL Player Must Win US Powerball to Cover July 4th Accident Expenses

The US Powerball draw last night resulted with no new winners, causing the jackpot to rollover. The winning numbers were 11, 39, 46, 52, and 54. The Powerball was 3. Not a single person managed to correctly guess just the main numbers either, which is something that happens rarely! Thus, no one could snag aContinue Reading

Win US Powerball – Buy These Houses

The US Powerball jackpot grew last night after no one won the draw, and it is currently worth a whopping $50 million. The winning numbers were 5, 15, 25, 27, and 30. The Powerball was 18. While no new winner was created, two people managed to correctly guess all the main numbers! Each winner gets toContinue Reading

New US Powerball Jackpot Winner!

Can you think of a better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with a US Powerball jackpot win? Ha – we can’t either! And the funny thing is, that’s exactly what happened to one very lucky player who managed to correctly guess all the winning numbers for last night’s US Powerball draw. TheContinue Reading

Lottery Winners and the Working World

The rollovers have begun! After no tickets matched the winning numbers on Tuesday night, the jackpot rolled over from $40 million to a brilliant $50 million. Earning $10 million in one night is quite the feat, especially considering the average British yearly wage is around £27k. So what are you waiting for? Start playing US PowerballContinue Reading

When Did You Last Play Your Lucky Powerball Numbers?

If you found your way to the website, it will most likely mean that you are a fan of the great American Powerball lottery. Maybe you’re looking for results, maybe you’re looking for a way to play the US Powerball lottery from the UK or another non-US country, or maybe you unexpectedly ended upContinue Reading

Winning US Powerball Ticket Sold in Arizona

Arizona hit the headlines on Wednesday night, when the US Powerball lottery draw delivered us a sole jackpot winner who had bought his winning US Powerball ticket in the state of Arizona. The magnificent $188.9 million jackpot that reached its peak after twelve consecutive rollovers, was the first Powerball jackpot to reach an amount ofContinue Reading

US Powerball Jackpot Equals Latest Cyanogenmod Investing Round!

The US Powerball jackpot remains safely above the $100 million line as no player as of yet has managed to correctly guess the five main numbers as well as the Powerball needed to win. The winning numbers during last night’s numbers were 1, 25, 29, 31, and 47. The Powerball was 7. Three very luckyContinue Reading

US Powerball Jackpot Worth as Much as 50 Shades Author

With no winner made during last night’s US Powerball draw, we are only one rollover away from growing beyond the $80 million! As mentioned last week, $80 million is the highest US Powerball has reached since mid-March. Will May be a month of gigantic US Powerball jackpots? We certainly hope so! The winning numbers wereContinue Reading

Third rollover in a row for Powerball Lottery

Yay! The jackpot in our beloved US Powerball lottery rolled over for a third consecutive time last night, resulting in a delicious $70 million jackpot – available for your lottery pleasure in next Saturday’s draw! Curious if you won one of the cool secondary prizes the US Powerball lottery offers? Go and check the latestContinue Reading

US Powerball Lottery Starting Jackpot WON!

Against all odds, the US Powerball lottery starting jackpot was won last night! The winning numbers were 7, 19, 23, 50, and 54. The Powerball was 14. No information about who the lucky winner might be has been released true to the time of writing. Two lucky players managed to guess the five main numbersContinue Reading

US Powerball Winners Step Forward as Jackpot Begins New Rollover

US Powerball rolled over from last year’s December, resulting in a gigantic jackpot that was worth $564 million, and Marie Holmes from North Carolina is one of the three US Powerball winners! Holmes is a 26 year old mother of four. The incredible win could not have come at a better time, as Holmes hasContinue Reading

Predict the next Powerball Jackpot jump!

Surely you noticed the enormous jump, leap even, the jackpot in the US Powerball lottery made after its last rollover. What will happen when the jackpot rolls over again? And what will happen before the draw? A short prediction from us at The current jackpot, now at $450 million, made a rather steady run ofContinue Reading

US Powerball lottery offers world’s top jackpot!

Fifteen rollovers under its belt and a magnificent jackpot of $230 million – that is the current situation in the US Powerball lottery! Not a bad one to kick off the weekend that’s waiting for you! If you don’t have any set plans for the weekend, make sure you make them now and buy yourContinue Reading

US Powerball Rolls Over, Becomes World’s #1 Jackpot

The US Powerball draw on Saturday night ended with no new lottery winner in sight, pushing the jackpot up to $60 million. Check your numbers (13, 16, 33, 35, 51 and Powerball number 28) to see if you may have won yourself one of the many US Powerball secondary prizes! The US Powerball jackpot isContinue Reading

Missing US Powerball winner mystery unsolved

September 18, 2014, has come and gone. For most of us, the 17th was the all-important Wednesday US Powerball lottery draw. But for one person out there, the 18th was worth $1 million. Guess this will be a mystery that’ll never be solved – who exactly was the holder of the missing US Powerball ticket?Continue Reading

Colorado players set the example!

While the US Powerball jackpot predictably rolled over for a second consecutive time last night, Wednesday October 1st, to land on a $60 million jackpot for the upcoming draw on Saturday, October 4th. Predictably, yes, because when was the last time the Powerball lottery didn’t roll over at least twice? Exactly! America’s favorite lottery mightContinue Reading