US Powerball Rules

The Rules of the Game

US Powerball rules are not complicated – we will tell you exactly how to play Powerball. In October 2015, the Powerball rules underwent a change, but that doesn’t mean the way the game is played has changed drastically. The aim of Powerball players is still to pick a total of six numbers, five regular numbers and an additional Powerball number, and match the winning numbers. There are several options to pick your numbers. First of all, you can ‘Quick Pick’ your numbers, in which case a set of numbers will selected at random. If you prefer to select your own numbers, you pick five numbers between 1 and 69 and one Powerball number between 1 and 26 =. Since it is drawn from a different pool, the Powerball number can be equal to one of the five regular numbers. The last option is to use your own set of Lucky Numbers to fill a Powerball ticket.

Powerball jackpot payout: lump sum or annual installments

Powerball rules state that players must select either the cash option or the jackpot annuity option. The cash option dictates that winners receive their share of the present cash value of the jackpot in one lump sum. The jackpot annuity option awards players their share of the full amount of the estimated jackpot, to be paid in 30 annual installments.
Note: Some states have different rules regarding the cash option.

Powerball ticket costs

The costs of each play are $2.00, or $2.00 plus an additional service fee when buying tickets online.

Powerball multiplier: Power Play increases secondary prizes

All states that host the Powerball, with the exception of California, offer the option to choose the Power Play feature for an additional $1.00 per ticket. With the Power Play option, players multiply non-jackpot wins by a flexible number between 2 and 5, or between 2 and 5 plus an additional x10 multiplying factor in case of jackpot prizes up to $150 million! The only exception is the second place prize, which can only be doubled (from $1 million to $2 million) with the Power Play option. Make sure to check the Power Play option on your ticket to select this feature! You may regret if you don’t!

Powerball’s third prize

The third prize in the US Powerball lottery, for four correct regular numbers and the correct Powerball, has been the amount of $10,000 for what seems like forever. But wait! Since the rule change in October 2015 this prize has been given a face-lift, and a pretty drastic one too! If you happen to win the third prize in the US Powerball lotto in the future, you will receive no less than $50,000! That means, that with an activated Power Play, this could turn into a $250,000 prize, or even a $500,000 prize when the jackpot is still relatively low (no higher than $150 million). That is some third prize!

US Powerball winning odds

Since the implementation of a set of new rules in October 2015, winning a prize in the US Powerball lottery has become easier than ever! The overall odds of taking home a prize in any of the nine prize categories are 1 in 25 – a considerable increase form the previous 1 in 32! However, winnign the jackpot is a different story altogether. Due to the change in the guess ranges, the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot prize are currently 1:292,201,338. But, that means that jackpots are likely to roll over to new heights – a $1 billion Powerball jackpot prize is expected to arrive within reasonable time!

Draw times & draw closing times

Powerball draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 22:59 Eastern Time (21:59 Central Time, 20:59 Mountain Time, 19:59 Pacific Time).
Tickets for Powerball draws can be purchased until approx. 22:45 Eastern Time at the night of the draw, or approx. 17:00 Eastern Time when playing Powerball online.

To find out where you can play Powerball, please check the Where to Play section.

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